1. Hypermetropic people are what : Long Sighted
  2. Which leader lives in the Potola : Dalai Lama
  3. What wood was the cross supposed to be made of : Mistletoe
  4. Joseph Levitch became famous as who : Jerry Lewis
  5. If you planted a bandarilla what are you doing : Bullfighting
  6. What was the first Pink Floyd album : Piper at the gates of dawn
  7. In which city was the first public opera house opened : Venice
  8. In what Elvis film did he play a double role : Kissing Cousins
  9. The Aphrodite of Melos has a more famous name what : Venus de Milo
  10. Which country invented the concentration camp Britain : Boer war
  11. John Huston scored a hit with his first film what? : Maltese falcon
  12. Stan laurel, Mickey Rooney, Lana Turner what in common : 8 marriages
  13. What real person has been played most often in films : Napoleon Bonaparte
  14. Scotopic people can do what : See in the dark
  15. What is the most critical thing keeping bananas fresh transport Temperature not below : 13 C 55F
  16. What is the name of the Paris stock exchange : Bourse
  17. Whose music featured in The Clockwork Orange : Beethoven
  18. What was the Troggs most famous hit : Wild Thing
  19. In Japan what colour car is reserved for the royal family only : Maroon
  20. What city has Kogoshima as its airport : Tokyo
  21. What was gangsters George Nelsons nickname : Baby Face
  22. Whose first wife was actress Jayne Wyman : Ronald Regan
  23. In MASH what is Radars favourite drink : Grape Knee High
  24. What do you give on the third wedding anniversary : Leather
  25. What is a baby whale called : Calf
  26. In which film did the Rolls Royce have the number plate AU1 : Goldfinger
  27. Vladamere Ashkenazy plays what musical instrument : Piano
  28. With which organ does a snake hear : Tongue
  29. On what is the Mona Lisa painted : Wood
  30. What is the second most common international crime : Art theft
  31. Count de Grisly was the first to perform what trick in 1799 : Saw woman in half
  32. Who wrote Les Miserable : Victor Hugo
  33. Which bird turns it head upside down to eat : Flamingo
  34. The colossus of Rhodes was a statue of who : Apollo
  35. Who rode a horse called Bucephalus : Alexander the Great
  36. To which London club did Mycroft Holmes belong : Diogones
  37. What did William Addis invent in prison : Toothbrush
  38. What is the only duty of police Gracthenvissers in Amsterdam : Motorists in canals
  39. Kleenex tissues were originally intended as what in 1915 WW1 : Gas mask filters
  40. Who invented popcorn : American Indians
  41. What is the colour of mourning in : Turkey Violet
  42. For what is spirits of salt another name : Hydrochloric acid
  43. Which game is played on an oval with 18 player per team : Australian football
  44. In the Winnie the Pooh stories what is Kanga’s baby called : Roo
  45. Which actor is common to Magnificent 7 and Dirty Dozen : Charles Bronson
  46. Who saved Andromeda from the sea monster : Perseus
  47. What flower is the symbol of secrecy : Rose
  48. What item were originally called : Hanways Umbrellas
  49. What is Brussels best known statue : The Mannequin Pis
  50. In which language does God Jul mean happy : Xmas Swedish


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