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National Emblem of different countries



Australia – Kangaroo
Bangladesh – Water Lily
Barbados – Head of a Trident
Belgium – Lion
Canada – White Lily
Chile Candor and Huemul
Denmark – Beach
Dominica – Sisserou
France – Lily
Germany – Corn Flower
Guyana – Canje Pheasant
Hong Kong – Bauhinia
India – Lion Capital
Iran – Rose
Ireland – Shamrock
Isreal – Candelabrum
Italy – White Lily
Ivory – Coast-Elephant
Japan – Chrysanthemum
Lebanon – Cedar Tree
Luxembourg – Lion with Crown
Mongolia – The Soyombo
Netherlands – Lion
New Zealand – Southern Cross,Kiwi,Fern
Norway – Lion
Pakistan – Crescent
Papua New Guinea – Bird of Paradise
Spain – Eagle
Senegal – Baobab Tree
Sierra Leone – Lion
Sri Lanka – Lion
Sudan-Secretary – Bird
Syria – Eagle
Turkey – Crescent and Star
United Kingdom – Rose
U.S.A. – Golden Rod
Zimbabwe – Zimbabwe Bird
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