All 40 General Awareness Questions of IBPS PO Exam :

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All 40 General Awareness Questions of IBPS PO Exam : held on 19-10-2013 (Morning Shift)

1) Expand CCTV- close circuit television
2) Who is the 28th member of EU?-croatia
3) Who is the new Australian PM?-Tony Abott
4) Who is the head of Federal Bank ?-Shyam Srinivasan
5) T20 is related to which sport?-cricket
6) Tagore award for cultural harmony 2013 is won by?–Zubin Mehta
7) Who is the largest producer of GOLD?-china
8) Bank rate on 20 September 2013?-9.5%
9) What is the full form of SLR?-Statutory Liquidity Ratio
10) Which film won National award for wholesome entertainment?-Vicky donor
11) Who is the winner of RBI Rajbhasha award ?-PNB
12) As per MSME act 2006,the minimum investment of a micro enterprise should be?-25 lakh
13) Corporate Debt Limit in India is?-25 bn$
14) SARFAESI ACT 2002 is related with?–NPA(Non Performing Assets)
15) The ‘The Lowland’ is nominated for Man Booker International 2013 written by?-Jhumpa Lahiri
16) Who is called as Father of Computer mouse who died recently?-Douglas Englebert (USA)
17) What is full form of MICR?- Magnetic Ink Character Recognition
18) What is the minimum working days in MNEREGA?-150days
19) Basic saving bank deposit account is opened by minimum balance?-zero balance
20) Expand IMEI number?-International Mobile Station Equipment Identity
21) ROSHNI scheme is about?-The scheme aims at providing training and employment to youth living in naxal-hit areas.
22) What is the Loan limit for housing to a person in metropolitan city under priority sector?-Rs.25Lac
23) Who collects records of an individual’s payments pertaining to loans and credit cards?-CIBIL
24) Which is a microprocessor manufacturing company ? -Intel
25) What is the name of the tablet pc made by microsoft?-“Surface”
26) Where is the national institute of sports located?-Patiala
27) The negative difference between total income and total expenditure is called as – Budget Deficit
28) In buget 2013-14,how much fund is allocated for the Women’s Bank ? – Rs.1000 crore
29) “Aam Admi Bima Yojna” is for?-insurance of rural landless households
30) What is the transfer & withdrawl limit in BSBDA account?-No Limit
31) Expand QFI – Qualified Foreign Investors
32) What is the estimated fiscal defecit of govt for the financial year 2013-14?- 4.8% of GDP
33) As per new banking license,banks should lend how much per cent in priority sector?-40%
34) Expand KYC – Know Your Customers
35) Rastrabhasa Award is given by?-RBI
36) Is there any requirement of any initial minimum deposit while opening a BSBDA?-No limit
37) INS SindhuRakshak is made by which country?-Russia
38) Hummingbird Algorithm is recently launched by?-Google
39) Branch On Wheels is launched by which bank?- ICICI
40) BRICS established with the initial capital of – 100 million $

***************LATEST UPDATES**************

[1] World Bank pledges USD 200 million to fight Ebola.

[2] Amitabh Bachchan to get immortalised in wax at Madame Tussauds.

[3] Indian Men’s Hockey team leave for Bangladesh today for 3-match series.

[4] CAB secretary Sourav Ganguly planning pre-season meet.
[5] Lt Gen Campose takes over as Army Vice Chief.

[6] Assam ranks 2nd in employment growth.

[7] Indian student named Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 world champ


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