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Amrutesh Aurangabadkar IAS – Topper in Maharashtra

Amrutesh Aurangabadkar made history of sorts and became an inspiration for other aspirants, as he stood first in Maharashtra and was ranked 10th in the country after cracking the UPSC Examination in 2012.

He said, “he couldn’t believe as it was unexpected as he never aimed at topping the examination as he always wanted to crack the Indian Administrative Service (IAS) examination, but never thought he would top in the state”.

Very early in my life he realized the importance of Civil Services as his father was a government officer. He had opportunity to meet IAS officers which inspired him to think about Civil Services as career. His future goal was to implement government schemes effectively so that they reach the maximum number of people.

Marks Obtained by Amrutesh Aurangabadkar

 Total Marks  Marks Obtained
Total (Written)  2000 1074
 Interview 300  215
 Total  2300  1289 (56.04%)

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Family Background

His father Kalidas was deputy director at Ground Water Survey and Development Agency. His mother Raksha is a gold medalist in BA (Economics) and his sister Chinmaya is an IRS (Indian Revenue Service) officer.

Educational Background

Amrutesh Aurangabadkar studied at Dr Kalmadi Shamarao High School, Ganeshnagar, Pune. He did his Bachelor in Arts (BA) course from Fergusson College, majoring in Economics. He also did a diploma in National Security and International Relations.

Optional Paper

He opted for Sociology and Philosophy as his optional paper. Being an economics graduate he did not have to work upon it much as he did diploma also. For Sociology social issues were covered there in but his focus was always on latest happenings. He said, “One should opt for subjects dear to one’s heart”.

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Amrutesh Aurangabadkar, 22 year old from Pune, cracked the UPSC Examination 2011 in his very first attempt. He stood 10th in the Civil Services Exam and was the topper in Maharashtra. He made up his mind in 12th standard but, actual preparations began with third year of graduation.

Preparation Strategy

The guidance from his elder sister, Chinmaya Aurangabadkar, who like him cleared the UPSC in her first attempt to enter the Indian Revenue Service in 2009. Actually, she was like lighthouse in the preparation. Having a great guide and role model at home was my biggest forte! He focused on doing qualitative study rather than counting the number of hours. He didn’t think much about the results. He believed that the right approach is necessary for cracking any examination. This helped him in controlling his nerves and kept himself relaxed.

Tips for Young Aspirants

  • Practice as many questions as possible in a specified time period. Increase your speed in solving such questions.
  • Checking and re­-checking the answers would be a part of your strategy.
  • Reading The Hindu regularly would be a sure way to success.
  • Prepare well, don’t fear the exam…if you do well, you shall perform well.
  • Nothing in the world is impossible. Believe in yourself!
  • Determined efforts and quality work always pays off.

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