Topper’s Story – Joyoshi Dasgupta IAS

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Joyoshi Dasgupta, the State topper has cracked the 2009 Civil Services Examinations and has come 42nd on the all-India merit list didn’t have to look for inspiration outside her family. She had never been serious about anything other than Civil Services and it helps to crack exam if you are focused.

Joyoshi Dasgupta says, “It feels nice to have reach my first goal in life. As an administrator, there will be several more in the years to come. My first priority as a civil servant would be to try and uproot corruption. Not just from the services, but from all segments of our social life. It may sound idealistic but its possible if we all join hands.”

Joyoshi Dasgupta is very happy and says this as an opportunity to do something for the country. An administrators job gives you the chance to work directly with the people and for them. Its an excellent opportunity to try and make a difference to the lives of so many people.

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Family Background of Joyoshi Dasgupta

Joyoshi Dasgupta belongs to a resident of Lake Town. Joyoshi Dasgupta didn’t have to look for inspiration outside her family. Her mother, Jaya Dasgupta is an IAS officer and is currently posted at state government’s Planning and Development secretary in Bengal, was a constant source of motivation as well as inspiration. Her grandmother Nila Dasgupta, a history graduate from Presidency College, also helped Joyoshi Dasgupta to choose optional paper.

From an early age, she has been familiar with the job of an IAS and its pitfalls. She used to see her mother doing the job from close quarters. So, she knew it wont be a cakewalk. But the brighter side was there as well. For me,that outweighed the negatives by a long margin. So, she never hesitated. Joyoshi Dasgupta thanks her family for giving her confidence and nurturing in a way that she never felt that being a girl was a disadvantage. Her family background also helped her to achieve her goal.

Joyoshi Dasgupta is happy that many students from Bengal are now keen to join Civil Services and want to take it up as a career.

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Educational Background

Joyoshi Dasgupta an alumnus of La Martiniere for Girls schoool and had graduated in Physics from Presidency College in 2003. Joyoshi Dasgupta did her MSc from Rajabazar Science College and stood first in Calcutta University’s MSc exam. Joyoshi has also qualified the National Eligibility Test (NET) of UGC and she worked as a college teacher at Maharaja Manindra Chandra college in North Kolkata.

Joyoshi was a very determined student and exceptionally well in studies. Joyoshi had been bent upon a career in the Civil Services since her school days as it was her childhood dream to join the Civil Services.

Optional Paper

Joyoshi Dasgupta chose Physics as one of her optional subject as she was gold medalist in physics. But for the second paper she preferred History. The reason was her grandmother Nila Dasgupta, a history graduate from Presidency College, helped Joyoshi to choose history. 


Joyoshi Dasgupta toiled hard for five years to qualify civil services exam and she cleared in her third attempt. And she was in the top 50s despite her two unsuccessful attempts.

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Preparation Strategy

Unlike most IAS aspirants, Joyoshi Dasgupta did not enroll herself with any of the Civil Service coaching centres outside Bengal. Before the 2009 Civil Service Exams, she had joined a Salt Lake institute.

Impartiality, patience and correct assessment of situations are needed to be a successful administrator in these troubled times, Joyoshi Dasgupta said. She appreciates that an IAS officers job has probably got much tougher times than when her mother joined the service. But there is no substitute for honesty and commitment.

Advice for Aspirants

  • Firmly focus on your priorities.
  • Be realistic and not just a dreamer.
  • You need to prepare intelligently. Just studying hard wont get you anywhere.
  • If you want prosperity, go for the private sector. Choose IAS only if you are bent on public service.
  • One has to keep trying hard and keep options open.
  • For IAS aspirants,she had a word of advice. “I want more and more student to join public service. In fact more young people should join politics rather that just working for politicians” Joyoshi Dasgupta said.

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