Books for UPSC Civil Services Preliminary Exam Preparation

Many friends preparing for UPSC Civil Services exams generally ask one common question “which books are good for a fresher to start the preparation ?”. The list of books for IAS Preparation is endless, some topics are good in one book other is in another. You need to read anything you think it’s worth reading. Here I am listing down some must have kind of books, mentioning this list is not complete and perfect. I will keep updating this list. Following list is well recognized list of Books for UPSC IAS preparation.

For NCERT Books and Download visit: NCERT books for IAS Exam Preparation – PDF Free Download

1. Indian History – India Struggle for Independence by Bipin Chandra; NCERT Books ( XI & XII ) – Buy Now
2. Geography – Spectrum – Buy Now
3. Indian Polity – DD Basu – Buy Now ,  Constitution of India by Bakshi – Buy Now , or
Indian Polity – Laxmikanth – Buy Now
4. Indian Economy – 11th & 12th Books (NCERT), Pratiyogita Darpan Special Edition – Buy Now
5. General Science – Tata Mc Graw Hill Guide Books of 9th and 10th Standard.
6. Mental Ability – Quantitative Aptitude by R.S. Aggarwal – Buy Now
7. Current Affairs – Some magazines and NewspapersBook List for UPSC Civil Services Exam
8. India- Yearbook Published from Publication Division – Buy Now

Some newspapers/magazines you may count in for Current Affairs Preparation for IAS Exam:

i. The Hindu/The Times of India
ii. Frontline
iii. Civil Service Chronicle
iv. Chanakya
v. Competition WIZARD
vi. Civil Services Today

Guides You may Like to Read for IAS Exam:

1. Tata McGraw Hill for GS – Buy Now
2. Arihant for CSAT – Buy Now
2. Spectrum  – Buy Now
3. Unique – Buy Now

Topic Wise Reference On General Studies

Books on Indian History & Culture:

NCERT (+ 2 level) — Ancient India, Medieval India, Modern India.
Publication Division : Gazetteer of India (Vol 2 : History & Culture)
Gandhi Nehru Tagore & Ambedkar — Gopal Krishna – Buy Now
Bipin Chandra – Modern India – Buy Now
A.C.Banerjee – History of Modern India Raghavan Aiyer — Mahatma Gandhi

Books on Geography:
NCERT : Physical Geography of India for X – XII Std
A Good School Atlas
Sharma & Cotinho : Economic and Commercial Geography of India.
Khullar : India- A Comprehensive Geography – Buy Now
Charles Farro : General Principles of World Geography
Charles Farro : Monsoon Asia Reports published by Centre for Science and Enviornment And Tata Energy Research Institute
National journal – Kurukshetra, Yojana etc.
Down to earth

Books on Indian Economy:

NCERT (+1 level)—Evolution of Indian Economy(I C Dhingra).

Mishra & Puri or Dutt & Sundaram – Indian Economy

Ramesh Sharma – Indian Economy – Buy Now

Economic Survey

The Economic Times,Business Standard


Books on Social and National Issues:

Social Problem – Ram Ahuja
Social Welfare Magazine – Published by ministry of social welfare
IIPa Journal

Books on Indian Polity:

NCERT (+1 level)—Indian Political System
N.L. Madan : Bhartiya Rajya Vyavastha
D.D. Basu—Indian Constitution – Buy Now
P.M. Bakshi—Indian Constitution – Buy Now
Our Parliament – Subhash C. Kashyap
Our Constitution : Subhash C. kashyap
Perspective on Constitution : S.C. Kashyap
Frontline Magazine
IIPa Journal

Books on Science & Technology:

NCERT : (10 level) : Science, (+2 level) : Biology.
Popular Science Series (CSIR)
Reports Of the Ministry of Science and Technology Yojana
Science Reporter
Science and Technology in India – Spectrum

Books on Statistics:

(NCERT +1 level) Elementary Statistics
S.C.Gupta : Statistical Methods

Books on India and the World :

Journal of peace Studies
World Focus
Strategic Analysis
South Asian Journal

Other Books for General Studies:

1. India Year Book latest – Buy Now
2. One competitive Magazine
3. Guides like Tata Mc Graw Hill – Buy Now

Also Read: 10 Must Read Books for IAS Aspirants – Advanced Studies

Most important:

Don’t forget installing our mobile app in your android phone IAS for current affairs and General Studies,GK Quiz.

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