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Hockey’s Jadoogar – Dhyan Chand

Dhyan Chand popularly known as hockey's jadoogar. Dhyan Chand was born on 29th August, 1905 at Allahabad. His father was in the British Indian...
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NCERT books for IAS Exam Preparation – PDF Free Download

It is very important to read and revise NCERT books for IAS exam preparation. I got many queries regarding which NCERT books should be read? Old or new ncert? economics of 12th or 11th? etc. Here I am compiling a list of recommended NCERT Books for IAS exam preparation. I have listed names of book subject wise and also written whether it is old or new publication. You can download NCERT Books from Free download links.

These mentioned 30 NCERT books are enough for your UPSC preparation along with some important textbooks to be read for IAS preparation, you don’t need to read each and every NCERT book but below mentioned books are necessary.

ncert books for ias exam

Geography NCERT Books

Class 6: Land and People Part-I (Old)
Class 7: Land and People Part-II (Old)
Class 8: Resource and Development (New) – Free Download
Class 9: Contemporary India Part-I (New) – Free Download
Class 10: Contemporary India Part-II (New) – Free Download
Class 10: Geography of India (Old)
Class 11: Fundamentals of Physical Geography (New) – Free Download
Class 11: Indian Physical Environment (New) – Free Download
Class 12: Fundamentals of Human Geography (New) – Free Download
Class 12: India – People and Economy (New) – Free Download

History NCERT Books

Class 9: Story of Civilization Part I (Old)
Class 10: Story of Civilization Part II (Old)
Class 11: Ancient India (Old)
Class 11: Medieval India (Old)
Class 12: Modern India (Old)
Class 12: Themes in Indian History Part-I (New) – Free Download
Class 12: Themes in Indian History Part-II (New) – Free Download
Class 12: Themes in Indian History Part-III (New) – Free Download

Indian Polity

Class 9: Democratic Politics Part-I (New) – Free Download
Class 10: Democratic Politics Part-II (New) – Free Download
Class 11: Indian Constitution at Work (New) – Free Download
Class 12: Politics in India Since Independence (New) – Free Download
Class 12: Contemporary World Politics (New) – Free Download

Indian Economy

Class 9: Economics (New) – Free Download
Class 10: Understanding Economic Development (New) – Free Download
Class 11: Indian Economic Development (New) – Free Download


Class 9: Science (New) – Free Download
Class 10: Science (New) – Free Download


Class 12: Indian Society (New) – Free Download
Class 12: Social Change and Development in India (New) – Free Download

That’s it, no more single book of NCERT.

I hope these NCERT books will help you in your UPSC IAS Exams, All the best.

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