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NCERT books for IAS Exam Preparation – PDF Free Download


It is very important to read and revise NCERT books for IAS exam preparation. I got many queries regarding which NCERT books should be read? Old or new ncert? economics of 12th or 11th? etc. Here I am compiling a list of recommended NCERT Books for IAS exam preparation. I have listed names of book subject wise and also written whether it is old or new publication. You can download NCERT Books from Free download links.

These mentioned 30 NCERT books are enough for your UPSC preparation along with some important textbooks to be read for IAS preparation, you don’t need to read each and every NCERT book but below mentioned books are necessary.

ncert books for ias exam

Geography NCERT Books

Class 6: Land and People Part-I (Old)
Class 7: Land and People Part-II (Old)
Class 8: Resource and Development (New) – Free Download
Class 9: Contemporary India Part-I (New) – Free Download
Class 10: Contemporary India Part-II (New) – Free Download
Class 10: Geography of India (Old)
Class 11: Fundamentals of Physical Geography (New) – Free Download
Class 11: Indian Physical Environment (New) – Free Download
Class 12: Fundamentals of Human Geography (New) – Free Download
Class 12: India – People and Economy (New) – Free Download

History NCERT Books

Class 9: Story of Civilization Part I (Old)
Class 10: Story of Civilization Part II (Old)
Class 11: Ancient India (Old)
Class 11: Medieval India (Old)
Class 12: Modern India (Old)
Class 12: Themes in Indian History Part-I (New) – Free Download
Class 12: Themes in Indian History Part-II (New) – Free Download
Class 12: Themes in Indian History Part-III (New) – Free Download

Indian Polity

Class 9: Democratic Politics Part-I (New) – Free Download
Class 10: Democratic Politics Part-II (New) – Free Download
Class 11: Indian Constitution at Work (New) – Free Download
Class 12: Politics in India Since Independence (New) – Free Download
Class 12: Contemporary World Politics (New) – Free Download

Indian Economy

Class 9: Economics (New) – Free Download
Class 10: Understanding Economic Development (New) – Free Download
Class 11: Indian Economic Development (New) – Free Download


Class 9: Science (New) – Free Download
Class 10: Science (New) – Free Download


Class 12: Indian Society (New) – Free Download
Class 12: Social Change and Development in India (New) – Free Download

That’s it, no more single book of NCERT.

I hope these NCERT books will help you in your UPSC IAS Exams, All the best.

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Articles are written and edited by the Syskool Staffs.


  1. Good article sir. how to study NCERT? , iam facing lot of problems with studying NCERT sir.I am a state board student sir.

    • Dear sir I read your suggest which book read in civil preparation but you did not mention of book 6 ,7,8 classes of history or indian polity book why sir please sir gave me reason on my email id or sir book name please notify on my mail . kindly request

      • These books are covering all imortant topics required. You will not need 6, 7, 8 class books. It is far more beneficial to read and revise above mentioned books only.

    • You will have to improve your readind speed and comprehension ability. There is only way to do it – Practice. Try to read as nuch fast as you can, don’t speak while you r readind, just look at sentence and train your mind to understand it without reading. Keep practicing.

      • Prafull sir,
        Thank you for your suggestions but I am a sbi clerk having bengali medium background. Please tell me how to start for civil service preparation. I’m 30 years old

      • sir thanks for your advise,sir I jst want to know the name of the other books which r so important besides the ncert books..if sir there is any other books which r vry essential for ias preparation,,then pls sir give me the name of those books sir.sir I also want to know that sir is english fluency is vry needable sir for a ias….pls guid me sir…..thak u sir…

    • Sir, I am a fresher from engineering background and I am starting my preparation for upsc, as I have more than 2 years before appearing in the examination. Can you suggest which subject I should go through first like(geography, history or politics ) so that it would be more helpful in long term.

    • To study NCERT text books you should also have a reference book to answer the questions present in them, I Would suggest “Together With” series of books as a reference/guide book.
      This may help you study accordingly.

      • Dear Sir, I am a fresher from mechanical engineering background and I am starting my preparation for upsc, as I have more than 1 years before appearing in the examination. Can you suggest which subject I should go through first like(geography, history or politics ) so that it would be more helpful in long term.

  2. Thanks sir,
    How to read these books. Subject wise or class wise. I am preparing for UPSC. Only 2 attempt is remaining.

    • NCERT books should be read subject wise. However to avoid monotonous feel you may read other subjects too.

      • Sir pls tell me description abt wht subject is asked in prelims & do all abv r required for prelims? & which subjects r mandatory & optional in mains exam & which r books for it?I am a CE Er , wht do u suggest to chose as optional subjects? I have knowledge of maths,physics,English, Gujarati, chemistry.

      • Hello sir my name is krishna iam from ts i having the intetest about ias but iam MPHARMACY STUDENT SO how can prepare iknow somethint about civil but not deeply sincerely i will do the hard work so can u some suggestion sir please my family also very poor so iam decided very good preparation and good experienced person suggestions pls give me reply sir

    • Yes these books are enough among NCERT books, but for entire exam preparation you will also need textbooks along with NCERT.

      • Hello sir
        I want to prepare for IAS.. I dnt know even the basics for example which subject are there to choose etc.. Can u give me the basic info?? How i have to start for it

  3. Seeing this comments i wonder how r this persons .Really if u need instruction to read a 6th standard book then what about the further studies .The admin of this site will be hitting his head .

    • In the beginning, we all need a push, after couple of years some of these will become IAS, a rightful and deserving IAS.

      • Some people who are advanced to some point of their preparation thinks beginners are nothing against him…admin you can only understand there are lot of question puzzled in mind when one start for prepration…guiding them is the true sense of a civil services aspirant… thank you sir for your patience to answer each nd every …

  4. Dear sir I read your suggest which book read in civil preparation but you did not mention of book 6 ,7,8 classes of history or indian polity book why sir please sir gave me reason on my email id or sir book name please notify on my mail . kindly request

    • Dear Aman, whichever books I have mentioned are enough in my eyes, you can read endless number of books but you don’t have that much time. NCERT is for foundation, you have many other books and journals in queue.

  5. M really thankfull to you sir
    just guide me to make me better
    How to read these books
    Plzz make response to my gmail

    • Start from page one read with optimum speed, don’t do regression (restarting from chapter 1 line one again and again). Keep a pencil or pen to underline important points. Do Not give more than three-four days to any single book.

  6. Sir I want to know if now i am in 2nd year history hons student and i want to prepare all basic knowledges then what type of coaching i can join now to learn everything from starts because i m not good in anything firstly i want to prepare myself so plz sir tell me about that…

  7. Hello sir ! My name is Bapi Paul, and I want to be an IPS Officer, how many subject in this exam and everything about this exam I want to know, because I have nothing to know….

  8. Sir…thanks fr ur valuable infrmation..IAS is my thre is no one to guide me.i doing my final year graduatn in BHMS.can u help me to achiev my goal sir???

  9. Sir as I am cbse student and I am regularly in touch with ncrt books,but now I am pursuing mechanical engineering how do I prepare to clear pre/main of ias exams

  10. Sir i am student of BA-1 my subjects are economics, psychology and english literature. I wants to prepare for IAS which subject combination will be good for me for optional

    Guide me sir please

    Thanks for your posts sir to prepare it well

  11. Sir thanks for sharing such important article.
    Sir basically I am a student of Hindi medium But I have a good command over English.I have done PG in Pol Sci with English medium but still some times I face problems to express myself in a better way. I am good in Hindi but my handwriting is too bad in Hindi
    Should I go for Hindi medium??

  12. Sir may i know These books are enough to write an ias exam…? With containing the ncert books any coaching is required to write an ias exam..?

  13. sir,I don’t have any knowledge about you should give some instructions that how apply form ? books for reading?

  14. Sir I’m engineering student and I’m from Hindi language is poor
    How can make language effective???

  15. a lot of thanks sir , NCERT book you suggest is enough for main exam. if not enough then which book you
    suggest for main exam.

  16. Dear sir ,
    can you please suggest me how to prepare for UPSC exams as I am fresher from civil engineering background and I n very eager to qualify this exam. …I request you please suggest me what should I do and how I can start so that I can cover it’s syllabus very easily. …

  17. Hi,
    I am a civil engineering graduate and want to know which subject to choose for ias mains.
    If i select civil, it may not help me in most of the parts including intetview.
    Should I take geography( i have intertest in this part) as it will give help in many sections.

  18. sir,
    i m hindi medium student so i want above book in hindi medium ,
    from where it get ? (old & new in hindi medium).

    plz reply its very needful..

  19. Class 9 th &10th books of social studies i have &which books i have required for premilinary exam for IPS

  20. Sir,
    I’m a fresher with B.Sc computers my aim is to be an IAS but I don’t know how to prepare now I’m studying second year some members suggest sixth to tenth books are main base for IAS so I started to read high school section books but I don’t had a specific idea for this give me some tips please

  21. thank u for giving this books…this ncrt book not only use civil exam but also use in other cmptve exms…

  22. I am fresher and i want to know about upsc exams and all about the subjects which we choose and which one is better for long time and also tell me how to prepare plz

  23. Sir,
    I have a confused for chose old NCERT x1 books in ANCIENT INDIA, which author I will take MAKKAN LAL or R S SHARMA?
    Please suggest me

  24. Sir plz tell me about the difference between old and new book and which one is easily available in the market old or new.

  25. Very nice article sir thank you.sir I study in first year but my main aim becomes ias officer.plz give me foundation&basic step,idea preparation for upsc exam sir

  26. Dear ,
    I am a bca student and want to prepare for ias so suggest me which books and subjects are help me for prilimnary. So plz help me.

  27. Dear
    Sir. I am astudent of 6th semester n I hv no ideas about IPS , So what r the subjects to challenge this exam n also ideas to prepare? so please kindly share me your ideas.

  28. I m studying in hindi medium book plzz sir . Which author purchase .history .; economics & political book in hindi medium.. plzz sir help me plzz..

  29. Hello sir I want to start study for upsc. Now I am fresher. Which books I prefer and how to download them. Please tell me detail. Thanks

  30. Is it compulsory to read other reference books of science for class 9 and 10 rather than NCERT books.

    • yeah …ncert book gives u basic knowledge only….after ncert preparations while you reading reference books ncert books matter makes u familiar & you can easily understand that topics

  31. “It is old saying,reading of one book many times is better than to read many books only one time”

  32. thanks sir,
    i have no idea abt. these. thank u so much.
    now i am just giving my 10th exm cbse. after i an cameing there…..

  33. Please tell me source where I can get ncert old version. Because ncert gov website has only new version.

  34. Can you provide all these information, material in Hindi language because of many of candidates are not able to understand these all things in English language because of their less vocabulary…..

  35. Sir tell me the solution about GS paper 4( Ethics ,integrity& aptitude). How do i increase my deep knowldge about it?

  36. Dear Sir,

    You mentioned book list for class six

    Geography NCERT Books
    Class 6: Land and People Part-I (Old)

    How to get old books ??
    i seached alot but did not find in market of Varanaasi

  37. I liked the total conversations n they are very much useful n when ever possible could u send me mails of any journals & interviews & some materials regarding

  38. Sir ,
    Please provide the study material in hindi also…..,If possible ….it will help for those who are from hindi stream…
    Thank you

  39. There is mention of OLD beside few NCERTs, but how old, could you please mention the years or some links to download those old NCERTS, it would be very helpful if you could please clarify as to which year NCERT we should look at when you say OLD. I have no idea of how many years Old NCERTs are.

  40. hello sir, I wnt do preparation for ICS ..for this I have to qualify in CSAT exam for CSAT which book is preferred?

  41. hello sir, i wnt to crack ias exam plz guide me which books are useful. i dont know nothing about silibus or books . plz guide me which books are imp. plz send me list of book as i can do prepration from starting . what should i read
    i need all books list. i dont know nothing about pattern or books or prepration.

  42. Sir i don’t have ncert books. But i have T.M.H and Pearson guides for general studies paper 1st and 2nd.
    Are these books beneficial for UPSC ??
    My only aim to become an IAS.
    Plzz help me.

  43. Dear Prafull sir,
    Aapki site pr hindi m metarial nhi mill skta kya, plz upload hindi medium material for ias, n ncert ki book hindi medium m nhi milti kya?

  44. Sir now i am in 11 std and I want to become an ias officer suggest me about which book should i read at this point of period

  45. Sir I am rajak and I working as a police constable and wrote correspond degree can I prepare for civils or it is impossible to me to prepare?

  46. Hello sir I am a bsc graduate
    My dream towards doctor
    I am now 23 year old
    Also a dream towards Ias
    Due to my bad health problems I can’t fullfill my dream towards doctor
    Is the right choice to prepare for mbbs or go for other line

  47. Thanx sir I downloaded all those books I believe they v’ll b vry help full for me to achieve my goal………. Thanx lot

  48. सिविल सेवा के लिए सभी जानकारी को एक स्थान पर आपने उपलब्ध कराया इस के लिए आपको धन्यवाद।
    मैं हिंदी माध्यम से हु, अंग्रेजी पढने में वैसे तो कोई ज्यादा समस्या नहीं है पर जिस गति और पूर्णता से अर्थ को ग्रहण की कुशलता हिंदी में है वो अंग्रेजी में नहीं।
    इस लिए पुरानी ncert की किताबे pdf में डाउनलोड कैसे करे? और बाज़ार में ये मिलती भी नहीं।
    डाउनलोड का लिंक हो तो बताये और इस समस्या का हल भी।

  49. Sir Hindi medium walo ke liye bhi ager PDF available kr skte hain to please kar dijiye..
    Thank u

  50. Sir I am a 2nd year literature student I have started my preparation for the UPSC exam and and I am going on with Pearson general studies books whether it’s correct please give me some details about the book collection

  51. Helo sir pls suggest mr .wht type of i csn follw for ias . Prilims or mais . Telk me aall boos name and also with writer pls sie

  52. sir what i read after compleate ncert???? ..i m hindi medium student… nd my rq sir please upload some pdf for hindi medium becouse many student of hindi medium are follow please give some extra meterial…thanks

  53. sir is ncrt book is available in hindi also please guide me because i want to pripare for the uppcs and i am from engg background . which coaching institute is good for me

  54. Sir I m a 9th class student and I want to ask will this books help to clear IAS or what should I study extra besides these books pls tell sir , I want to clear it

  55. Sir, In Ncert science 9th and 10th more activities are there.Compulsory we should read activities part

  56. Dear sir,
    I am doing PhD in chemistry now. I cleared the NET and GATE exam. But i want do IAS exam so please tell me how to prepare the exam from basic. Now my age is 28 i will be complete phd in 2018. As well as i want to prepare for the ias exam also, so please suggest me.

    ………Thank you

  57. Sir.. But I have already purchased NCERT old books of 6th, 7th and 8th.. So should I not read them?

  58. Prafull sir, why cannot we download old NCERTS from the above list here? Or is it that either we have to study old series or the new series? Will new series suffice? Also, NCERT series of mathematics is absent in the above list, can we have that too?

  59. Dear sir, That I feel happy to tell you for help everyone who want to Join a ppowerful and very nice job of Central Government Of INDIA (IAS & IPS)…

    Again lot of THANKS….

  60. Dear sir,
    I am completed CA. How I am prepare for upsc. Now I am 28 year old please give me suggestions and guidance.

  61. Thanks Sir for this great help.
    Kindly tell me should we make point by point notes of books or essay type answers and long or short?

    Or we just need to underline the matter on books and study that facts?

    Hoping for positive response.

  62. This is best of life as a career and the most important of my life an another student otherwise

  63. Goodafternoon sir ….may I know which aap is required to open the above ncert’s pdf.dO reply please….

  64. Sir I belong to hindi medium… Please kindly provide this books in hindi with best data… Please sir we need it most.. It’s my one and only dream…

  65. No body one,Don’t know how upsc picked questions in preliminary and mains.there is no special books for it.your way of understanding is matter.ncert are basics for preparation. It tought you what is system ?and how it act? What is cons n pros? Is it help to people?.. Ncert gives you basement for upsc preparation… Upsc does not ask which book? Which coaching institute?.. They only check whether are you able to administrator…whatever you may read that is all related to national interest..

  66. Some coaching institutes notes helps you lot but your way of approach is very imp..your way of understanding is how might be effect on the have to barrow positive conclusion on each and every concepts….coaching is only help you 0.5% rest of 99.5% your hardwork,patience and motivation.

  67. R/sir if u see my cmnt plz inform me I m pesuing ba hons political science from DU as I was a student of science so I get much more difficulty on this subject is in Delhi any choching available which provide basic knowledge about this subject .

  68. Seriously sir,
    What a man u are?making all the things easier for the freshers is just like showing d way to the blinds, as all the information provided by u is so easy to accessible bt it’s too difficult to us to find the same nd u provide it with just a single click…..

  69. Please tell me someone which reader app these books requires to open because there are not opening in my phone.

    • These are .zip files so you can download RAR app from playstore and then extract these .zip from this app then you can easily open these files.

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