Success Story of Dr. Adapa Karthik, IAS Topper (Rank 1) of 2008

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Adapa Karthik, a Doctor, who had topped the Indian Administrative Service Examination in 2008. As a topper, he was given the option to go to his hometown in Khammam, Andhra Pradesh but Adapa chose Ranikhet, as it was much more backward place and that’s the kind of place how he wanted to contribute and serve the nation.

IAS offers a tremendous opportunity for leadership and to work at the grass-root level. Adapa says, “never to ignore Prelims even after your Mains or your interview because when the results are out, you don’t have any time left for the next year’s Prelims”.

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Educational Background

Adapa got a scholarship for his Post Graduation at both Harvard and Cambridge. He also got a Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation scholarship for a PhD in Molecular Medicine at Harvard and Jawaharlal Nehru Memorial Trust Commonwealth Shared Scholarship for his PhD in Cambridge. But Adapa gave up prestigious Harvard and Cambridge university scholarships to join the IAS.

Attempts by Adapa Karthik

Karthik, a doctor, had been selected for the Indian Police Service (IPS) in 2005 and 2007, in earlier two attempts but he let it pass too. However, in his third attempt his determination to be an IAS officer made him the All India Rank topper in 2008.

Karthik devoted six to eight hours a day, but more than the number of hours, it was the quality and consistency of his studies, which matters. He used to be very consistent with his reading.

Optional Subject

Adapa Karthik opted Zoology and Psychology as his optional paper. Having done medicine, which is Advanced Biology, he wanted to go back to his basics and study Zoology, which is Basic Biology.

Psychology because it was a new subject for him and he really worked so hard to fetch good marks.

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Life as a Doctor

Dr. Adapa Karthik enjoyed being a doctor and in fact, continued to be a doctor even after becoming IAS. In his capacity as an administrator, he organised health camps, where he also served as a doctor. But what he realised is that as a doctor, the canvas you get to paint on is very small. Health is the only field where he can work in as a doctor.

Advice to future UPSC Aspirats

  • Just be yourself! The more artificial you are, the more you will struggle.
  •  Newspapers is the ultimate thing. Read The Hindu, which is far the best newspaper while preparing for the Civil Services Exam.
  • While preparing, don’t merely ‘read’ the newspaper, ‘study’ the newspaper. Underline, make notes, analyse, draw some conclusions and discuss.
  • Read a lot, keep abreast of what’s happening in the world, in the country and in your state.
  • Complete syllabus and focus on your goal.

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