[1] Which indian company has raised 1 billion dollar investment recently?
A: Snapdeal
B: Flipkart
Ans:(B) Flipkart

[2] Which country has declared Ebola public health emergency?
A: Sierra Leone
B: Kenya
C: Yemen
D: Ghana
Ans:(A) Sierra Leone

[3] World Hepatitis Day is observed on?
A: July 20
B: July 24
C: July 28
D: July 30
Ans:(C) July 28

[4] Which one of the following disease is caused by Rotavirus?
A: Polio
B: Kala Azar
C: Japanese Encephalitis
D: Diarrhoea
Ans:(D) Diarrhoea

[5] Eminent personality Madhukar Singh has died, he was associated with which field?
A: Environment
B: Human Rights
C: Hindi Literature
D: R T I
Ans:(C) Hindi Literature

[6] Which player has set record of fastest serve in women’s tennis
A: Maria Sharapova
B: Venus Williams
C: Sabine Lisicki
Ans:(C) Sabine Lisicki

[7] Which Portal has been launched by Narendra Modi government for good governance through citizen’s participation
A: CitGov
B: Gud Gov
C: MyGov
D: PeopGov
Ans:(C) MyGov

[8] Sushila Rani Patel has died, she was associated with which field
A: Environment
B: Classical Dancer
C: Classical Singer
D: Women Rights
Ans:(C) Classical Singer

[9] “The Vijay Mallya Story” book has been written by
A: MB Krishnan
B: K Giriprakash
C: Balkrishan Acharya
D: Pankaj Singh
Ans:(B) K Giriprakash

[10] Which Rover has set the record of maximum distance covered by a Rover?
A: Endeavour Rover
B: James Rover
C: Lunokhod Rover
D: Opportunity Rover
Ans:(D) Opportunity Rover

[11] Which committee has been appointed by central government to review gas pricing formula?
A: R K Jain Committee
B: Thorat Committee
C: Suresh Prabhu Committee
D: B Mahapatra Committee
Ans:(C) Suresh Prabhu Committee

[12] Which of Indian Shooter has won Gold in Men’s 10m Air Rifle event at Commonwealth Games 2014?
A: Karni Singh
B: Gagan Narang
C: Abhinav Bindra
D: Vijay Kumar
Ans:(C) Abhinav Bindra

[13] Who has been appointed as Governor of Haryana?
A: D Y Patil
B: Kaptan Singh Solanki
C: K N Tripathi
D: R P Singh
Ans:(B) Kaptan Singh Solanki

[14] what is “Gauravi”?
A: A robot
B: An app to curb food waste
C: One Stop Crisis center for women
D: Submarine based missile
Ans:(C) One Stop Crisis center for women

[15] Kargil Vijay Diwas is celebrated on?
A: July 14
B: July 18
C: July 22
D: July 26
Ans:(D) July 26

[16] Who has been appointed as member of UN Board of Auditors?
A: Krishna Kumar
B: Rajesh Mishra
C: Shashi Kant Sharma
D: Narendra Kumar Verma
Ans:(C) Shashi Kant Sharma

[17] “Peace Clause” is associated with which Organisation’s working rules?
A: World Bank
Ans:(D) WTO

[18] Which of the Indian Players have won Gold on first day of Commonwealth Games 2014?
A: Navjot Rana
B: Ganeh Mali and Sushila Likmabam
C: Sukhen Dey and K Sanjita Chanu
D: Kalpana Thoudam
Ans:(C) Sukhen Dey and K Sanjita Chanu

[19] Who has been elected as new President of Iraq?
A: Peter Mutharika
B: Fuad Masum
C: Rahun Ibik
D: Asif Maliki
Ans:(B) Fuad Masum

[20] Which Organisation releases Human Development Report?
A: World Bank
Ans:(D) UNDP

[21] India has been ranked at which place according to Human Development Report 2014?
A: 123
B: 129
C: 135
D: 138
Ans:(C) 135

[22] FDI Cap in Insurance sector has been raised from 26 percent to
A: 34 percent
B: 41 percent
C: 46 percent
D: 49 percent
Ans:(D) 49 percent


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