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General Awareness Questions

[1] Sania Mirza and her partner has won mixed doubles Trophy of US Open, Her partner was
A: Ishraf Tayip
B: Zaho Yuneli
C: James Rodriguez
D: Bruno Soares
Ans:(D) Bruno Soares

[2] Which Indian Player has announced its retirement from International competitions?
A: Sandeep Pujara
B: Pankaj Advani
C: Vijendra Singh
D: Abhinav Bindra
Ans:(B) Pankaj Advani
[3] Which Union Ministry has launched Know Your Rights Portal?
A: Ministry of Defence
B: Ministry of Railways
C: Civil Aviation Ministry
D: Ministry of External Affairs
Ans:(C) Civil Aviation Ministry

[4] Bhartendu Harishchandra Award is given in the field of?
A: Classical Dance
B: Drama
C: Cinema
D: Creative writing in hindi on Mass Communication
Ans:(D) Creative writing in hindi on Mass Communication

[5] Which committee has recently submitted its report on the status of deemed universities in India?
A: CNR Rao Committee
B: Thorat Committee
C: H Devaraj Committee
D: Tandon Committee
Ans:(C) H Devaraj Committee

[6] What is the name of the book written by Neel Mukherjee, the only person of Indian origin, to be nominated for Man Booker Prize 2014?
A: The Lives of Others
B: How to be Both
C: To Rise Again at a Decent Hour
D: None
Ans:(A) The Lives of Others

[7] Wales Declaration is related to which global summit?
A: G-7
B: G-20
Ans:(C) NATO

[8] Which state has launched need based development plan for villagers?
A: Rajasthan
B: Bihar
C: Gujarat
D: Delhi
Ans:(D) Delhi

[9] Who amongst the following was awarded the MIDORI Prize for Biodiversity, 2014?
A: Dr. Krishnaswamy Kasturirangan
B: Madhav Gadgil
C: R.K. Pachauri
D: R. Kamal Bawa
Ans:(D) R. Kamal Bawa

[10] Frank Walter Steinmeier is on India’s visit. Of which country is he the foreign minister ?
A: Germany
B: Russia
C: France
D: Italy
Ans:(A) Germany


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