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Hockey’s Jadoogar – Dhyan Chand

Dhyan Chand popularly known as hockey's jadoogar. Dhyan Chand was born on 29th August, 1905 at Allahabad. His father was in the British Indian...
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Albatross: Large sea birds.
Alpaca: South American mammal giving long, silky wool.

Amoeba: A microscopic fresh water animal. Its body has simplest struicture consisting of jelly like protoplasm and a nucleus.

Bat: Fat mammals whose wing consisting of a membrane of skin stretching between the fingers of the fore limbs.

Beaver: A vegetarian fur-bearing mammal, found in Asia, America and Europe, lives in burrows on river banks and cut down trees to dam streams to raise the water level in order to cover the mouth of its burrows.

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Camel: Large mammal of Asia and  Africa, specially useful in deserts because it can go long without water.

Chamois: Small goat-like, active antelope of mountains of Europe and South-west Asia.

Cod: A fish which may reach four feet in length and weight 100lbs. Very important food fish found on the British coasts.

Coral: The limy skeleton-like substance produced by coelenterate animals in seas.

Crocodile: Large carnivorous, egg-laying freshwater reptile.

Cuckoo: Bird named form its called who lays her eggs in other bird’s nests.

Electric Ray: Fish having an organ capable of giving an electric shock.

Elk: Large deer of N.Europe an Asia.

Emu: Speedy,flightless,Australian bird, like an Ostrich but smaller.

Fulmar: An arctic bird feeding on dead seals and whales.

Giraffe: Hoofed mammal notable for its long neck who feeds on leaves of trees.

Gnu: Large poisonous snake found in India and Philippines.

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Ibex: Wild goat of Europe, Asia and Africa.

Kangaroo: Mammals of Australia and New Guinea having small fore legs and very strong hind laga, which give it great leaping power.The female has a pouch (marsupium) in front, in which she carries her baby.

Koala: Grey, the furry mammal of Australia having marsupium, eats leaves of Eucalyptus.

Kiwi: Wingless bird of New Zealand having a hair-like feather.

Laimpreys: Fish like creatures with no jaws but having large round mouth by which they attach themselves to fish,upon which they prey.

Leeches: Worms living in ponds and streams, live by sucking blood of animals.

Lion: Large,strong carnivorous mammal found in Africa and S.Asia.

Llama: South American mammal somewhat like a camel, but smaller and without a hump.

Musk deer: Small horniess deer of Central Asia, the male of which has a gland containing strong scent of musk.

Mustang: A wild horse of America.

Nightingale: A singing bird of India.

Octopus: Sea mollusc bearing eight tentacles.

Okalpi: Mammal found in West Africa forest, nearly related to Giraffe but with shorter neck.

Ostrich: A tall African and arabian bird with large feathers, runs swiftly but cannot fly.

Pelican: Large,fish-eating water bird with a pouch for storing food.

Penguin: Sea bird found in southern hemisphere.

Puma: Large American wild cat carnivorous in habit, also called mountain lion.

Rein Deer:  A large deer  having branching horns, found in Siberia.

Rhea: Large bird of South America that is much like the Ostrich but smaller.

Rhinoceros: Large thick, skinned mammal of Africa and Asia with one or two upright horns on the snout.

Salamandar: An animal shaped like a lizard but belonging to the group of amphibia.

Salmon: A large fish with silvery scales and yellowish pink flesh which is edible.

Sea horse: Small fish with a head like that of a horse.

Seal: A sea carnivorous mammal.

Sea Lion: Large seal of the Pacific coast of America.

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Shark:  A large carnivorous fish to tropical seas.

Trout: A freash water food fish.

Walrus: Large sea animal of the arctic region, resembling a seal.Yak: A long haird ox of Tibet and Central Asia.

Yeti: A creature said to be half man n half beast belived by people living in Mount Everest, to be wandering on snow clad mountains.

Zebra: An African  animals like a horse but striped with dark bands on white.

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