Important information on Nationalised Banks

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****Important information on Nationalised Banks****
1.The oldest Joint Stock Bank of India –Allahabad Bank
2. The bank founded by Freedom Fighter Dr. Bhogaraju
Pattabhi Sitaramayya –Andhra Bank
3. First bank to open a branch outside India — Bank of India,
London, 1946
4. The first bank to be given an ISO 9002 certificate for one of
its branches –Canara Bank
5. The Postal Dept has issued a commemorative stamp in the
name of this bank celebrating 100 years in 2011 –Central
Bank of India
6. First Indian Bank to be wholly owned by Indians–Central
Bank of India
7. The bank formed on the efforts of Lala Lajpat Rai –Punjab
National Bank
8. The only merger of nationalised banks took place between —
Punjab National Bank and New Bank of India in 1993
9. The bank whose brand equity is “Pygmy Deposit Scheme” —
Syndicate Bank
10. The bank which was conceived by Shri GD Birla –UCO
11. The bank which was inaugurated by Mahatma Gandhi in
1919 — Union Bank of India
12. The largest among nationalised banks –Punjab National

13. The bank established in the year 1913 as Bank of Mysore

Ltd. at the instance of the banking committee headed by the
great Engineer-Statesman, Late Dr. Sir M.Visvesvaraya —
State Bank of Mysore

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