Indian ballistic missiles

Indian ballistic missiles—

Prithvi I — (SS-150) – Army Version (150 km range with a payload of 1,000 kg)
Prithvi II — (SS-250) – Air Force Version (250 km range with a payload of 500 kg)
Prithvi III — (SS-350) – Naval Version (350 km range with a payload of 1000 kg)
Agni-I— 700 km (SRBM)
Agni-II—2,500 km (MRBM) 
Agni-III —5,000 km (IRBM) 
Agni-IV —4,000 km (IRBM) 
Agni-V —5,500 km (ICBM)
Agni-VI —10,000 km (ICBM) Under developmentSea-based nuclear armed ballistic missiles—Dhanush—350 km Developed, but not operationally deployed.
K-4— 3,500 km ( Submarine-launched ballistic missile) Under development.
Sagarika (K-15) —700 km (Submarine-launched ballistic missile)


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