Largest Subtropical Deserts

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Sahara, North Africa 3,320,000 sq. miles


Arabian, Middle East 900,000 sq. miles


Kalahari, Southern Africa 360,000 sq. miles


Great Victoria, Australia 250,000 sq. miles

great victoria

Syrian, Syria, Jordan, Iraq 200,000 sq. miles


Chihuahuan, Mexico, U.S. 140,000 sq. miles


Thar, India-Pakistan 120,000 sq. miles

thar desert

Great Sandy, Australia 110,036 sq. miles

great sandy desert

Sonoran, Mexico, US, 100,000 sq. miles

sonoran desert

Simpson, Australia 68,100 sq. miles


Gibson, Australia 60,000 sq. miles


Mojave, SW USA 47,877 sq. miles



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