Meet Sorabh Babu Maheshwari IAS Topper and Read his Interview

Sorabh Babu Maheshwari secured first position among the successful candidates of the Civil Services Examination in 1999-2000. The Civil Services Examination is a nation wide competitive exam in India conducted by the Union Public Service Commission for recruitment to the Government of India.

“The path to the Indian Administrative Services is full of ups and downs and is a highly uneven track to traverse. Before taking a decision about Civil Services as your career, it’s very much important to check up oneself and remain determined afterwards.” says Sorabh Babu Maheshwari.


Sourabh Babu Maheshwari completed his gradation in Mechanical Engineering from Uttar Pradesh University.

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Optional Subject of Sorabh Babu Maheshwari

Choosing subjects for Prelims and Mains is the most important and first step of your journey and should be accomplished most carefully and a wrong decision may prove to be highly unsuccessful. Mathematics and Mechanical Engineering were the optional paper he opted for UPSC Exam.

As he had Mechanical Engineering in his graduation, so he found it a natural choice and he felt quite comfortable with Mathematics.

Strategy for his Success

‘IAS Toppers Talk’ inspired Sorabh Babu Maheshwari, a lot to go for Civil Services as his career. ” Planned studies, hardwork and inner motivation are the keys of his success”. There are also other main factors responsible too they are, God’s grace, family’s support and encouragement.

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Suggestions for the future Aspirants

  • The path towards Administrative Service passes through many ups and downs. To carry oneself along these requires strong inner motivation and decision to aspire for Civil Services should come from within.
  • Sharpen the writing ability and boost your Confidence
  • Read regular newspaper. The Hindu is the most important newspaper for current updates and it will hep a lot in General Studies paper.
  • Read NCERT books from class 6 – 10 thoroughly.
  • Make a list of topics to be read, then give them a priority based on their importance and start it from the top giving equal time to each of them.

Interview of Sorabh Babu Maheshwari after he has cleared UPSC Exam.

Q. How much time do you think one requires for serious preparation for this examination ?

A. Atleast one year of serious dedicated preparation.

Q. Which journals and newspapers have you been reading for the General Knowledge and other papers ?

A. Competition Success Review, General Knowledge Today, The Hindu, The Hindustan Times, Frontline and a regular reader of India Today

Q.What is your impression of the Interview Board ?

A. Questions posed before a candidate are very well framed and answers to them should be made taking into consideration all possible views and a balanced approach is expected from a candidate.

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Q. What prompted you to choose Civil Services as your career?

A. The unique blend of service opportunities which Civil Services offers. Diversity of job, being a party in policy implementation, bigger responsi­bilities, social esteem and to do good to common masses were some factors which made me to go in for Civil Services.

Q. How did your parents, family and friends contribute to your success ?

A. A larger part of success is attributable to them. Without the constant support, encouragement and boost up by family members and friends at times, this day was not possible.

Q. Had you not been selected in the Civil Services Examination, what would have been your reaction ? Which other service career would you have gone in-opted for?

A.This year. I did well in Written Exam ,and Interview and was confident of getting good rank. In adverse situation of not getting selected, though sad I would have gone for another attempt after finding out my lacunae.

Q. How would you visualise your success ?

A. Combined effort of everything went in my favor. I dedicate my success to my parents and elder brother and now find myself at a platform with even bigger responsibilities and challenges as never before.

Q. Whom do you attribute your success to ?

A. To my eldest brother especially who has been a constant source of motivation throughout my life span. Without whose support, I could not have achieved this.

Q. What is your opinion about General Knowledge Today?

A. More information ‘ I less space is the buzzword for General Knowledge Today. It provides quite handy, ready-to-use facts, database and information and as such is quite useful during revision hours.

Q. What do you think is the better way of preparation between selective, intensive study and wide, extensive study ?

A. Wide extensive study should be followed by selective intensive study.

Q. Is the pattern of the examination appropriate for selection ? Would you recommend any improvement?

A. By and large, the pattern of examination is good. Efforts, however, should be made to reduce the shell time of the whole process in line with other exams.

Q. Do you feel that there should be no restriction on the number of attempts ?

A. Current policy of restricting attempts checks non-serious candidates and prevents flooding up of the exam. This should continue. ,

Q. With the resumption of Essay paper in UPSC examinations, we are giving four senior essays every month. Is this focus­ oriented, analytical, feature helpful for the IAS aspirants ?

A. Definitely yes. Best way to prepare for Essay paper is through careful reading of these well-crafted essays by top slot authors. It sharpens the writing ability and boosts confidence.

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    Pls sir help me..
    I am very afraid with this and I am not focusing because of this in my studies…

    • At first complete your graduation in any course under any stream. You need to be a graduate to appear in examination. Make habbit of reading newspaper daily and keep update of the current affairs. Try to go through the NCERT books for History, Economics and Geography.

  2. I want to be an IAS officer,how to prepare for it ,I am in year(cse).I don’t understand, how to cover a lot of books. Plz guide me.

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