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Tips to Prepare for IAS While Doing Job

IAS or Civil Services is perhaps the most prestigious careers one can have in India, a reason, just about everyone – a student, graduate, MBA, Engineer, Doctor all aspire for it. While those who prepare dedicatedly for the exam have a lot of time on them, but working people face a lot of problems when they intend to sit for the exam. Constraint of time, energy and focus are a few to name. However, we think the constraints can be overcome by a dedicated individual with correct planning and effort. Here we have listed below tips to prepare for IAS while doing a job.

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Tips to Prepare for IAS While Doing Job

Study according to the pattern of exam and be selective:

It is therefore recommended that you be familiar with the pattern of the exam and study only what is required. You also will have to be very selective in what you study so that you don’t spend too much time on things that are of lesser relevance.

Develop a routine and abide by it:

Considering the time constraints you need to be more focused with your preparation. It is therefore recommended that you plan out a routine for yourself. A routine will enable you to focus and prepare the syllabus in time. Planning a routine is important, following the routine and sticking to the time table is equally important.

Do regular study:

There is no short cut to the preparation for IAS, being very prestigious, it is also pretty demanding if preparation is faulty. The best way to prepare well for the exam is to be regular with your studies, newspapers and magazines should be a regular addition to other study material.

Choose subjects carefully:

There are so many subjects to choose from that a person without a settled mind a focused frame wouldn’t know what to pick. So be judicious in picking the subjects that you think are easy for you to prepare and the subject which you can score a better grade. Starting from the prelims, which is the first gate to your IAS exam, you will face questions of various subjects, so you can’t leave anything out, but you have to be selective on what you can score better in.

Stay update with General Knowledge:

Preliminary exam for Civil Services is based on General Knowledge and aptitude. It is important to keep yourself updated with current affairs, history, geography, science, sports, mathematics, economy and other aspects of general knowledge to stand a fair chance to clear the exam.

Prepare personal notes:

Studying by preparing notes is considered the best way to retain something in the memory for long. These personal notes will be your quick bites in the last few days of the preparation, when recollecting what you have studied is very important.

Sample test papers previous year question papers:

Before sitting for the exam it is important to test your knowledge to gain confidence. This is when you should go for solving previous year question papers and other sample test papers available on the internet and in the books.

 Have a will to do it:

Frequent and wise preparation is all it takes to clear the exam. Focus is very important though, if you have focus and the determination, and have backed it with a good preparation, then you don’t have to fear anything. Have confidence in yourself and have a will that you can do it.

Don’t leave the job; it’s a blessing in disguise:

The biggest fear that people preparing for years for the Civil Services exam have at the back of their mind is the feeling of insecurity. You have a job at hand and thus you have a fall back option. So, you won’t feel the blunt of unsuccessfulness so much. Don’t leave your job to prepare for the exam, you’re job is a blessing in disguise for you.

Make use of all the possible time at hand:

It’s the most obvious thing to do given the fact that you will have a very limited time at hand when it comes to preparing for the IAS exam after a long day at work. What we mean by utilizing the time to the fullest means being smart about the preparation and keeping an Atlas, newspaper and perhaps a year book handy and reading through it while travelling at lunch hours or as and when you have time. These are quick and well directed options to prepare for the preliminary exams.