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Top 10 Coaching Institutes for IAS Preparation

Coaching Institutes for IAS Preparation is only to provide you a platform from where you can learn to develop opinions and help you sharpening your skill set. This is true with every coaching. Coaching Institutes for IAS Preparation regardless of their fame are only Margdarshak, they only show you the way and will help you to align yourself in the right direction. They help you get started.

Do not forget that any Coaching Institutes for IAS Preparation is there only to guide you, in the end you are the fighter who has to fight your battle with the UPSC Exam using the props provided by the coaching center. So believe in yourself and keep your confidence level high, take help of the institutes only in the areas you need them.

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Top Coaching Institutes for IAS Preparation:

Vajiram and Ravi, Delhi

Vajiram & Ravi is India’s well-known Coaching Institutes for IAS Preparation. This institute is preparing candidates for the UPSC Exam at all the three levels – Preliminary Test, Main Examination and Personality Test. The Institute was founded in 1978 by Professor P. Velayutham this is one of the oldest civil service examination preparation center in India with its branch located in Delhi only.

Since the Institute has helped over 3000 students to enter the Civil Services including I.A.S., I.F.S., I.P.S. and other Central Services. Every year some of students have secured positions amongst the first ten successful candidates.

The teaching faculty of the Institute has been drawn from highly qualified and experienced teachers of the Central Universities and other reputed Institutes. To provide quality education and guidance normally a minimum two teachers are engaged for each subject. In General Studies, ten teachers are guiding the candidates in their studies.

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ALS IAS Academy, Delhi

Oldest and most reputed Coaching Institutes for IAS Preparation is located in Mukherjee Nagar and Karol Bagh, New Delhi with proven track record of success each and every year. ALS, is one of India’s leading learning institutions and was established with an aim to develop as the final destination for all career initiation programs.

The proficiency and expertise of the teachers and their immense faith on their students owe success to the ALS team. The dedication and commitment of the teachers and their ability to make the classes so interesting is a superlative effort which is unmatched. ALS conducts regular tests which are very helpful in generating confidence and in attempting the UPSC Exam with excellence.

Rau’s IAS Study Circle, Delhi

The Study Cirlcle was created by Dr. S. Rau in the year 1953 as an independent body with a view to establish a bench-mark institution to achieve excellence in the toughest competitive exam in the country. The branch have been opened also in Jaipur & Bengaluru. It is known as the most specialized institution of its type in the country, performing consistently at high levels and has acquired the rare distinction of achieving the highest success-rate in the UPSC Exam.

The faculty of the Study Circle is composed of experienced educators, competent administrators and dedicated researchers. In fact, the essence of the functioning of the Study Circle is the fraternal atmosphere it provides, in which the students are groomed by a committed, imaginative and gifted core faculty. Here, every student experiences creative excitement along with the thrill of adding to his store of knowledge.

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Khan Study Group, Delhi

Khan Study Group, is the best Coaching Institutes for IAS Preparation for General Studies and CSAT in India. Offering General Studies & CSAT under the expertise of Dr Khan in Delhi, Jaipur, Bhopal, Chandigarh and Patna. There mission is to demystify the UPSC Exam and help candidates to acquire confidence and competence to emerge successful. They ensure that their guidance process makes the learning experience more comfortable and enjoyable.

Dr. Khan has been teaching General Studies since February 1992 to IAS aspirants and is very proud of the fact that almost every State and Union Territory in India has some Civil Servants who personally associate with him.

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Brilliant Tutorials, Chennai

Excellent course material, experienced faculty and a committed management have built Brilliant Tutorials into the most trusted institution in the area of preparing students for competitive entrance examinations in UPSC Exam.

Faculty comprising of experienced professors and lecturers design the curriculum and compile the course material, based on extensive analysis of competitive exams over the years and the latest developments in all the subjects. But, the ultimate proof of Brilliant’s leadership is here: Year after year, in the most prestigious of competitive exam like IAS Brilliant’s students bag the top ranks.

Brain Tree, Hyderabad

Brain Tree, is an institution engaged in training students for the All India Civil Services Examination conducted annually by the Union Public Service Commission(UPSC Exam). Founded in 1991, Brain Tree has an excellent track record of having facilitated many a student to join the All India, Central and State services. Today, students of Brain Tree occupy many senior positions in the administrative services of the central and state governments.

Apart from the compulsory papers, Brain Tree specializes in Public Administration and Anthropology. It is widely accepted as one of the best institutes in India for the above optional. Audio – Visual aids, regular tests and guest lectures by retired and serving Civil Servants are the distinguishing features of Brain Tree.

At every examination, Brain Tree has recorded an average of 25-30 successful aspirants and many of them in their first attempt.

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Shankar IAS Academy, Chennai

Shankar IAS Academy was started in the year 2004 with the noble cause of training the UPSC Exam aspirants in a focussed manner and preparing them for facing the toughest examination. The institute was founded by Mr. D. Shankar who was also an aspirant who had made upto interview in 2004 -2006.

The faculty members are highly qualified in the subject and are from reputed institutions and have developed well-defined strategies to approach each of the subjects from the examination point of view. High quality class notes, periodical (weekly) examinations and in-depth review of the answers help the aspirants to develop their knowledge, writing skills, presentation skills and refine the approach for answering the questions.

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Vision IAS

VISION IAS is India’s premier research, and training institution, which continuously innovates to help Civil Service aspirants actualize their dreams through ‘integrated efforts’ of Interactive learning system, Team work, Technology & Innovation.

Vision IAS is a reputed name for their IAS Test Series as they provide quality study material that is of utmost quality and standard and their performance analysis & assessment system is reflected in their test series and content they provide.

Chanakya IAS Academy, Delhi

Chanakya IAS Academy aims to develop amongst its students a competitive attitude along with sound academic base with quality teaching and individual attention as its hallmark. The Academy organizes seminars and workshops with the help of civil servants and experts in soft skills to train the aspirants to think, feel and express like administrators. This comprehensive approach towards UPSC Exam preparation has received an overwhelming response and has led to the pan India presence of Chanakya IAS Academy.

In addition to imparting knowledge of the concerned subjects, Chanakya IAS Academy lays great emphasis on leadership development, ethics and social responsibility, and mind-power development so as to ensure that our tomorrow’s bureaucrats do not suffer from moral and ethical bankruptcy.

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Astitva ICS Academy, Jaipur

Astitva I.C.S was founded in the year 2005 by Dr. B.B. Singh and his experienced wing of highly qualified faculty.
With Astitva I.C.S, cracking IAS Examinations is a very easy process for bright and hard working students. Even if you are an average student, their expert and unique teaching methodologies will help you in cracking the UPSC Exam with an ease. They would show you a golden path, which would take you to your dreams, in reality.

They don’t believe in teaching. Rather, they educate. – It is like a ship surrounded by unlimited ocean With this motto, Astitva I.C.S has been proving its words by delivering successful results, each and every year. The academy possesses an educational and competitive environment, where dreams take their shape and meet success.

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Tips on choosing best Coaching Institutes for IAS Preparation

There are several IAS academies but to find the best one could be the toughest task. Here are some tips that may be useful while searching coaching centers.

  • Nowadays new IAS IPS academies seem to open very frequently now and then so it is wiser to test out the old as well as the new ones talking to the students enrolled there.
  • The best way to choose a good academy is to find out the past results of the academy and the subject material they provide. Also verify their performances in last few years.
  • Check out whether the owner himself of coaching is giving the class or people who are simply hired to teach you. Some institutes have brilliant teacher for a particular subject but not necessarily for all the other subjects so better check up the credentials of the teachers for different subjects.
  • Don’t go by the brand name, some academy have built their reputation and living in the past glory. There is a huge amount of money that’s charged by such academy, please make a comparison of the fee structure before enrolling yourself.
  • Now in the revised pattern of the UPSC Exam  Mains syllabus, the focus has shifted from Optional papers to General Studies. So try to find out which institute has the best staff to handle the revised General Studies papers.

We strongly suggest you to depend upon self study and do not run behind coaching institutes. However if you want to save little time in the beginning of your preparation, coaching institutes will definitely help you. None of coaching owners can guarantee you success, neither they will promise you exceptional result just because of classes you are going to attend. Mentors/teachers from any of above mentioned institutes will not deny the importance of  self study.

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