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Toppers Story – Ananya Das IAS


ananya das

Ananya Das from Odisha clinched All India Rank 16th and emerged as the State topper in the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) Exam. This was her dream which came true only because of her hard work.

Ananya Das says, ” she was little sure to get this position in IAS Mains Examination and she wish to work for welfare of people specially girls and poor children besides her administrative duties”.

Marks Obtained

 Total Marks  Marks Obtained
Total (Written)  1750 815
 Interview 275  179
 Total  2025  994 (49.09%)

Family Background

Ananya Das is an elder daughter of an RBI officer posted in Jaipur.

Educational Background

Ananya Das did her dual degree course in B.Tech in Computer Science and M.Sc in Economics from Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani.

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Past Experieces

Ananya Das worked with the Database Team of Oracle Server Technologies as a Software Engineer in Oracle India Pvt. Ltd for 8 months in Bengaluru. She was an Executive Intern in Reserve Bank of India (RBI) for 3 months in Jaipur. She worked on a paper on Financial Contagion and Regulatory Responses. This was later published in The Indian Banker.


Ananya Das cracked Civil Services Exam in her very first attempt after quitting job of a software company.

Optional Paper

Ananya Das made a choice of Political Science and International Relations (PSIR) as an optional paper which was based solely on interest. Coming to Political Science preparation, she says she was an engineer by training and she have no background in political science. There may be many more sources to study from but she tried to restrict herself to a limited number due to paucity of time. She believes that it is most important part to practice answer writing for optional paper separately.

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Preparation Strategy by Ananya Das

Ananya Das started reading basic stuff in 2012 end. She took coaching for Political Science at Vajiram. Some of the basic preparation strategy which Ananya Das followed are:

Please the Examiner

This one person holds the key to your success. It is not only fair but also logical for you to make your life as easy as possible. Remember that they are not doing you a favour by checking your answer-sheet. Its your job to generate their curiosity and then grasp their attention. Try and make your answer sheet the most pleasing one in the stack.

Keep points ready

Answer writing has two parts – first and the more critical one is the recollection and organization that takes place in our heads and the second part is pure execution of the same. The whole exercise of retention and retrieval of points in your mind are very very important. While writing one point, you should plan about your next ones. The faster you think, the faster you write.

Stick to your time schedule

Sticking to the time schedule is very important so that you can do justice to every question. Remember that attempting all questions well will fetch you much more marks than writing a thesis on 3-4 questions. Keep it in mind that your watch is your friend

Innovate and Interlink

Especially in a subject like Political Science where there are so many connections, linking events can fetch you more marks. Give examples to reinforce your points which will add weight to your answer, using key terms which you may have picked up from newspapers can help. Train your mind to form a web of information

Practice! Practice! Practice!

Needless to say, all of the above aspects can only be covered through study, planned revision and practice in answer writing.  Do a little more when you think it is enough.

Tips for Young Aspirants

  • Self notes are useful if you think your material is not organised and needs to be consolidated. Its time taking but is often helpful.
  • Buy past years question papers of political science and try to write holistic, balanced answers.
  • Try to observe the pattern and focus areas, especially in the recent years.
  • With time, you should be able to plan an answer roughly before you put it on paper.

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  1. Ananya das who got 16th position in upsc i want to clear that she is from assam not from oddisha,now they are staying at jaipur

  2. Excellent. I often followed this technique in my academic career. This is very useful technique to something whatever you wish to do.

  3. Hii mam can you tell me …my optional subject is mathematics cz mathematics is good nd i can score mark in mathematics please teel me which book is better for mathematics cz i doing self study..nd not i join any coaching…nd I belong to poor family ..

    • Just follow Prakash Rajpurohit blog for mathematics optional paper..
      He was CSE 2009 2nd Rank holder and his suggested book list for mathematics optional is very much comprehensive and very much useful for Mathematics optional.

    • Dear Harry,
      You belong to a poor family is not main matter..the main matter is that ,how workout your plan and coaching is only a way where you’ll get direction to achieve you goal…try to focus on self study more instead of killing your time by knocking the door of different coaching ..know the syllabus and keep previous year questions and start working on them. Don’t be blind follower that if you’ll take mathematics as optional then you’ll score more..know your strength in any subject where you can perform better & choose that subject as optional.
      Firstly you have to believe your self and give break to your practice.
      Thanks & Best Wishes..

  4. Hello,
    How did u decide on leaving your job for preparation. What strategy should I adopt for preparation along with my job.

  5. Hi… mam i m doimg my last year in BSC. i have to prapare for upsc i wanna to know from where i need to start nd which optional subject should i choose. And which is the best coaching center for upsc coaching

  6. Mam, i have completed my graduation from a mediocre engineering college, with stream chemical engineering. I want to make my career in civil services. But, the problem is that i have completed my schooling with hindi medium. Please tell me how should i start learning for pre and suggest me a good subject for mains as i am a chemical engineer.

  7. Mam, i am very interested to be an IAS / IPS officer, now how should i prepare ? Which point is very important ? What study materials u read before this exam ?

  8. Hi mam….
    Congrats 4 this achievement. Plz tell me that should i opt history or as an optional subject or should i go 4 some other subjects. Plz reply me soon mam…..

  9. how can u choosing the main subject plz tell me mam I’m doing in mechanical branch of 3rd yr

  10. First of all congratulations mam, as per u r point of view how much of time wil be more accurate for preparation and what is key of success in it. For IES exam..

  11. hello madam I want to know how did you manage to do m.SC in economics after doing I want to know the eligibility criteria for doing this.

  12. Even I wanted to prepare for IAS exam as this my dream.

    I m from engg background CSE branch, if u have time can u suggest some optional subjects.

    Thanks regards,

  13. Hi Ananya,

    I did my graduation with political science in 2009 and now i wish to appear for UPSC,do you think this would be the right time coz i have not yet started my preparation and am currently working with a private firm.

  14. Mam i am preparing for the examination but the difficulty that i am facing most is i cannot write with to the word in answer sheet while doing practice as it is given in notes…and if i will make self notes on each a d every topic it will take too much time…..also if i write in my own words it will consume so much time because first i have to think to frame the sentence and then i have to write…pls give me solution to overcome it..pls

  15. Hello ma’am
    I am a software engineer and working with an IT company and I just plan for preparation of IAS .can you guide me which optional subject should I choose and how to start preparation with doing a job .As job is neccesary for me so I can’t leave job due to financial problem so please suggest me about the preparation .

  16. First of all congrats !!

    Mam can you please with the current affairs strategy??
    because what I feel is that The hindu is not enough to answer the current question??

  17. acc to present pattern of paper…which optional is rather scoring nd easy one?
    can anyone let me know this plz!

  18. hi mam,
    i am a data scientist by profession and i want to take statistics as my optional but people are saying its very tough and conversion ratio is very less.Can you guide me on this

  19. Hi Mam,

    I have taken geography as a optional subject in upsc civil services exam. I have done engineering in chemical engineering and do not have good financial back up so can’t afford costly coaching classes in delhi. I am preparing self, I do not have any background in geography and want to know taking geography as a optional subject is a wise choice?

    Will appreciate your guidance in this regard

    Thank You

    Best Regards

  20. hi mam. can you tell me how to start prepartion for upsc for first time. and which subjct to choose as optional i m thinking to take geography or sociology or political science or public administration. and also guide some books for upsc pre and routine for preparation how much time will each subject take . PLZ mam i have no idea about upsc preparation. I am doing self study as i belong to some backward area so there is no option for coaching.

  21. Mam could u plz mention best coaching centers !!
    Plz say little more on how to grab the examiners attention.., which is most difficult to me..
    Writing Proper introduction followed by proper subheadings and a good back up conclusion.. Are these only the things or anything more?

  22. Hello mam…May i know, which book is prefer to physics? Because I
    choose my optional sub is physics.

  23. Hello mam
    I am from a science background having education of M.Sc botany. But I am confused about optional subject. I am not able to decide which subject should I take. Plz make suggest something for me . What type of optional subject should I take to secure more marks.

  24. Congrats mam for ur achievment..i m presently doing job and aiming to crack civil services. Can u guide me on how to streamline my coaching neccesary for political science optional subject or one can prepare on its oen..please refer me some good books on that

  25. Hlw mam can u tell me that bio student can fight ias or not …or it is good for us or not.. because generally maths student going in this field..n m interested too fight upsc exam .ias

  26. hlllooo mam my optional subject is also.polical science plzzzz tell me abut the books which I should study

  27. Mam I am in part 1. How can I prepare to be an Ias officer? Pls advise me for study material?is it better time???

  28. Hiii….now i hve dne my….in whch sbjct i should do msc so that it will be easy for me to crack IAS….

  29. Hii mem….now i hve dne my….in whch sbjct i should do msc so that it will be easy for me to crack IAS….

  30. mam i hv sociology opt paper..i want to score well in prelm ncert book sufficient?.foR csat paper whch is best..

  31. congratulation ma’m…
    Hello my optional subject is geography… cn you tell me how can prepare for this ??

  32. HI Mam,

    Me from commerce background. Presently i am working in one of the top most company ORACLE.when i was in B.COM 5th sem i got campus selected.
    I started IAS preparation sence from 2 yrs but now i am unable to read because of time and pressure.

    Kindly assist do we have any APP which is helpful and any one book which i can refer.

  33. m a student
    harry if u make a positive thoughts in mind
    .if u chalange negative thoughts .
    u will success
    bcs IAS
    depend new thoughts
    it have no negative thoughts


    if a king bcm a poor due to thoughts

    poor cannt become a king with good thoughts thoughts

    i hope u success

  34. hi mam; congrats mam ; mam I am just a bignner ; I don’t know anything about it ; I am doing BDS ; I am intern know ; mam can I prepare without coaching .. please suggest me what all I can do .

  35. Congrats! mam
    This is krishna B Tech mechanical engineer, now working in pvt company, which subjects in optional is better, and tell me about 6th nd 7th papre


  36. Extreemly inspiring and helpful it was, thanks a lot for introducing us all to such role models.

  37. Hi Mam, I m from a poor family.. Can u tell me that how can I prepare for Upsc exams without coaching. Which books are most comfort for such exam…I m also political science s student………

  38. Hi mam I am undergoing my UG( I want to be an IAS officer. Will it be good if I choose agricultural as optional or with geography?

    • It will be better if u choose agricultural as optional sub….becz thr r less people who r preparing for ias having agricultural as optional sub…..n we r more thorough grounding with agricultural……

  39. Hello mam, I have just completed my graduation in…..should I choose Agriculture as an Optional subject??

  40. Dear Ma’m,Congrats on your grand success.I am also an aspiring Candidate,I got failed in prelims itself in my first attempt which was because of my lack of proper preparation.May you please guide me on time management from now onwards for this 7Aug prelims??

  41. Hello Ananya,

    Good to know that you are from Computer science Engineering background and you also worked on a software industry.
    As i am also from same backgroung and working as IT engineer in Fujitsu, i needed some guidelines from you.

    I eagerly want to join administrative/public services, however i am not able to give much time to my study, as you know how hectic work schedule we have in IT. Any idea how it can be managed? Or i should leave my job? I am really getting out of focus.
    And the very disappointing thing is that i am not able to decide optional subject, dont know how to find it. I am unaware of all optional subjects except Mathematics.

    Hope you can me help out.


  42. Hlw mam a greate congrats for ur great success .
    Mam my aim is to be a IAS officer
    Like u so plz help its my one and only very big aim life may nahi hua to may marjaunga so plz help how to prepare .

  43. Maa’m,
    You are a genius as IAS is not a small job.If you succeed in your first attempt its only due to your learning of all subjects.UPSC exams are tough for a new comer.Its your hard work that made you first comer.Written exams are not only tough but mind boggling.Viva also testing of your IQ.

  44. I am doing a Job as a Java Developer (software Developer) in noida.
    I want to attempt first time exam.
    So please suggest me.

  45. I think its one light of isperation for me as well because i m also belonging to the B tech beck-ground.

  46. Hi Ananya mam
    Congratulations on your success!
    Mam, is it true that someone who is willing to go for UPSC has to start preparing for it 2 – 3 years before? I am 2015 ECE pass out and currently working in Huawei Telecommunications. Mam, is it so that it is tough enough to crack it in just one year of preparation? My friends suggest that you’ll get mad if you go directly for it. First practice at least one year then take the exam. Otherwise you’ll be wasting your time and money both. I am going to join an academy known for its good results and faculty. What should be the plan mam? They say it is all about the IITians and toppers…. and I want to prove them wrong.

    • Paper 1- physical geography by savindra singh , human geography by majid hussain , evolution of thought by majid Hussain and for pape2 Indian geography by Dr khullar and current affair also follow shewta
      Chauhan air8

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