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Topper’s Story – Vandana IAS – Ranked 8th with Hindi Medium


Vandana has proved that where there is a will there is a way at the age of 24. She secured 8th rank in UPSC Civil Services Examination 2012 and not only earned a place among the top 10 in the merit list but also ranked top  among the students of Hindi medium. Vandana amazed everyone by her exceptional performance at the Civil Services Examination 2012. It is heartening to find a Hindi medium candidate with single-digit rank.

Marks Obtained by Vandana

 Total Marks  Marks Obtained
Total (Written)  2000 960
 Interview 300  144
 Total  2300  1104 (48.00%)

Family Background

Vandana was born in a very traditional family, a resident of Nasrullagarh, Saharanpur in Haryana that does not have a history of getting their girls educated. But Vandana made an exception, she often coaxed her father to allow her pursue education outside her village.

Vandana’s father Mahipal Singh Chauhan said school in the village was not good, so he sent his elder son out for higher studies. Simply repeating the same since that day was the hymn. However, Vandana defied all odds and proved all her opponents wrong when she secured the coveted seat in Indian Administrative Services (IAS) examination.

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Educational Background

Vandana’s early studies was done in a government school in the village itself. She found a mentor in her father who not only encouraged her but also showed the guts to send her to Kanya Gurukul, Chotipur (near Muradabad) for schooling. She has done graduation in Sanskrit (Honours) from Kanya Gurukul and LL.B. from BR Ambedkar University, Agra. Vandana cherished the dream of becoming an IAS officer from a very early age. She had fixed her goal very early in her life when she was in 10th standard.

After studying in Gurukul XII Vandana studied law at home. She had never been to college. Vandana’s father used to take her with him to give test or exams. In Gurukul, Vandana utilised her time judicially. She devoted hours to study, followed a strict disciplined scheduled, washed her own clothes and focused her entire attention on studies.

Most of the decisions she took, she kept in her mind. In fact, LL.B. was a part of her preparation­ strategy for Civil Services Examination

Optional Paper

Vandana opted for Law and  Literature of Sanskrit Language as her optional subject. Both the optional subjects were her own subjects as she have done graduation in both the subjects, so she was comfortable in managing these two.

Vandana just relied on her books that she read earlier. For her, it was sort of revision. For optional subject Law, she got immense help from her elder brother who is a lawyer. Hindi medium draw attention again with success of her (AIR 8, CSE 2012).


Vandana gave this outstanding result in Hindi medium and also in her first attempt that also did her all her studies without any coaching.

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Preparation Strategy

Preparation for Civil Services Examination was like worship for Vandana. When she started serious preparation after completing her LL.B., she looked at the syllabus and just believed in what UPSC has mentioned in that. She had no one in her surroundings who could guide her or tell her how to plan for UPSC Exam. She didn’t have any role model.

Vandana took the safest route by covering all topics covered in the syllabus and relied on most of the books and study­ material that she had used in her graduation and LL.B. Be it Preliminary or Mains Examination, she faced all with full confidence and after her Mains Examination, for the first time, she realized that she had performed well and the final result should be good. She did a lot of answer writing practice just keeping in mind the importance of time­ management for the examination.

Vandana had done her schooling from UP Board and had not read NCERT Books. So she needed to lay a solid foundation with basics and that really helped her a lot.

Vandana used to shut herself in her room  and used to study 20 hours in a day. She shunned all luxuries, even air cooler, as she feared that comfort of the cooler may prove to be a distraction for her.

Secret of success

There is nothing hidden – only hard work, support from her family and self ­belief. The mantra that worked for her success was dedication and focus.

Advice for Young Aspirants

  • One should care for negative marking and the Preliminary Examination should be attempted with
    alertness and care.
  • Do not follow herd­ mentality; have faith on your capabilities. There is no substitute to hard work.
  • Positive Attitude is important while preparing for Civil Services Exam.

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  1. Sir , I m a student doing engineering in mechanical engineering .what I should do after my graduation which will complete in 2016 ..please tell me some tips about iAS xam ….

  2. हिंन्दी माध्यम के विघार्थियों के लिए और भी एेसे पोस्ट करते रहें, धन्यवाद…

  3. You r so talented …i can’t express in my words ….congratulation mam …..and plz give me tips for facing this exam ….

  4. Very very congratulate mam ..i have also done a from agra ..íwant to prepration for upsc ..i am not capable to entry in plz mam give me a guide and bo oks material who is useful…..i hope to u fully you will guide me mam g..

  5. There’s a craze of coaching now so the importancy of your success is absolutely wonderful n amazing….. That’s without joining the coaching you have secured single digit rank…… Thanks Mr Prafull Ji for updated this success story

  6. Good…..bandana.I proud on u because u secured a position in IAS history. All GURJAR community will proud on u.

  7. Good…..vandana.I proud on u because u secured a position in IAS history. All GURJAR community will proud on u.

    you are really hard laborious person. you are so talented student. I can’t expressed your talent in my own words for achieve this success. So, plz mam you give me some tips for grand success in civil service examination.
    Finally a big salute for your success. MAM i want to ask something for entrance. so plz give me your contact no. or call me plz. my contact no.:- 07870722299. (VIBHUTI KUMAR VIBHU)

  9. Hi mam i m ranjeet .i hd cmpld my bsc in 2015 bt nawadays i m confuse what to do go for msc or directly go for cse .i m very much intrested in cse bt there is two way to fully concentrate bt did not choose any single line if i go for msc then its to late to achieve so plz suggest

  10. Plz provide the book list for Pt &mains both for english medium. My mains paper is Geographhy. I will ever be thankful to you for this act of kindness…

  11. Heartiest thanks ..this is best inspiration source to Hindi medium that they can be also topped ..i am going to the civil service from Hindi medium ..

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