Why Do You Want to be an IAS Officer?

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Why Do You Want to be an IAS Officer?


Or IPS, IFS, IRS officer. This post might seem off-topic to some but it’s not, believe me. We can always do something better if we know the reasons for doing it. For instance we can prepare for IAS exam much better if we know the reasons for preparing for it. In this case it seems pretty straightforward, to get in to the civil service of our choice. But let’s go beyond this.

Ask yourself the real reason for aiming for the service that you do. And I mean the “real reason” here. Don’t say to serve humanity if all you want is to serve yourself. And even if want the latter, there’s nothing “bad” or “wrong” about it. Without being judgmental, go forth and list the reason for wanting to be an IAS in the comments below.

I’ll go first. I wanted to be an IAS simply because of the wonderful opportunity it provides to do something about things I felt strongly about. To take just one example, I felt and still do that Indian roads are very dangerous to drive on and traffic mismanagement has resulted in many avoidable road accidents over the years. Pathways have been hijacked by hawkers and vehicle owners for parking their cars leaving the poor pedestrian no choice but to walk on roads with vehicles whizzing past them at jet speed. No wonder India ranks first in deaths due to road accidents.

As an IAS I wanted to change this and contribute positively to decision making relating to traffic management along with many other issues close to my heart. Of course I also wanted to be an IAS for personal reasons as well like getting into a good career with challenging job functions, perks of office and others. But this is not about me. It’s about you. Just to prompt some ideas, do you want to be an IAS (or IPS, IFS, IRS etc.):

> For the sake of Authority as you’ve heard that “IAS rule the country”

> For money as civil servants “make a lot of it”

> For contributing positively to the society

> For your near or dear ones as everyone needs someone “well connected”

> Simply to uplift humanity

> Because it’s a very good career choice as compared to other jobs/careers

> As it’s the best combination of power and prestige

> To be a role model to your peers, friends, siblings

These are just a few among many other possible reasons and motivations for you to aim for the IAS. Share yours with others. It could be “the one” reason or multiple. Once you do it it’s very likely that you will prepare for the IAS with renewed vigor. This is what goal-setting all about. Share it aloud so you feel more compelled to achieve it as compared to a privately held resolve. So just to restate, why do you want to be an IAS?


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