10 quotes from our beloved Dr. Abdul Kalam that will Inspire us always

Motivational Quotes by Dr. Abdul Kalam


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  1. No doubt, the words delivered by our former President, keep weight. But, only thing, these look beautiful during talking-listening environment. Reality is something else. E.g. now-a-days, the most famous term is “Swachh Bharat”. Simultaneously, we have been allowing to open “Foreign Liquor On Shop” in streets & lanes. Just adjudge, to what extent, we are “swachh”. Ridiculous….

  2. My grate salute to our beloved former president Dr APJ. May Allah placed him in jannat

  3. there is also a important quote said by APJ Abdul Kalam which inspire us( especially to youth ) mostly ‘ that “, Dream is not the thing you see in sleep but is that thing that doesn’t let you sleep.”

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    I wish i am a compatible person like you.
    Thank you..

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      • You need a english classes..join english spoken classes..and read dictionary bcz in dictionary u know new words..and it is very helpful

      • English is simple language you need first confidence nd next to talk with others with simple english and watching english movies ,news paper to improve your english skils

  6. Great personality…Apj kalam..,wow every quote of him inspires everyone not only people’s Of India but whole world love u always..

  7. He is a great instructor by whom India have seen a dream of future developed country.He is a real hero.I think one day India will be a successful nation.

  8. These quotes are in the view of Former President Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam But in the present situation we need to modify them

  9. I am a big follower of APJ kalam sir…respect you and your thoughts too…

  10. you are great sir, but , always i miss u sir, due to your inspire quotes and your achievement for our country , really you are gret.

  11. we indian have proud to got a inspiration president ever that we have never ever found before that helps youth for their success of life really we miss you, …….

  12. “सपने वो नहीं जो आप बंद आखों से देखते है सपने वो होते है जो आपको सोने नहीं देते” कलाम आपको सलाम

  13. He was playing a great roll for our Nation. Our National Hero. His advice is like as precious stone to us. Salute to Sir.

  14. These r enough for motivating anyone. …..
    if these not work then wat is meaning of millions …….

  15. i love u sir forever…u r my ideal person ..ilove all quotation ..plz share more and more quotation

  16. like sky, which has infinite distance from earth
    I miss my ideal , who had infinite knowledgeable on earth.

    . .

    Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam
    jai hind……

  17. Now I am feeling very confident. Thanks for these quotes and also thanks for our honourable president shri A.P.J Abdul kalam