Commitment to Reducing Inequality index [ CRI index ] is an index launched by UNs HLPF, Development Finance International (DFI) and Oxfam.

The CRI index ranks governments based on their policies in 3 critical areas thus reducing the gap between the rich and the poor. These areas are as follows:

  1. Social spending.
  2. Progressive taxation.
  3. Labour

India performed badly ranking 132 out of 152 countries.

Other country’s ranking in CRI index

Sweden topped the list while Nigeria occupied the last place.

India’s neighbour Nepal and China performed better by securing 81st and 87th rank respectively.

CRI index Commitment to Reducing Inequality

What is UN- HLPF?

HLPF i.e. High-Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development is UNs central platform to keep a follow-up and review of the 2030 agenda for sustainable development and the Sustainable Development Goals. It ensures full and effective participation of all states members of the UN and states members of specialised agencies.

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