Interesting Facts to Know About Cricket is that it is believed that Cricket was started in England in 1300 AD.

Interesting Facts to Know About Cricket

  • This form of cricket started as a game of shepherds and became popular among other classes in 18th century AD.
  • After some time a club was known as “Marylebone Cricket Club(MCC)” was formed at Lords in London.
  • Cricket became popular in Australia due to British influence there.
  • The first official cricket test match was played in the year 1877 between Australia and England in Melbourne.
  • When some other countries started played Cricket Imperial Cricket Conference was formed in 1909 which gave birth to the International Cricket Conference in 1956.
  • The first One Day International cricket match was played in the year 1971 between England and Australia in Melbourne.
  • The first World Cup on one-day matches was played in 1975 in London. West Indies won the World Cup beating Australia by 17 runs.
  • The apex institutions of world cricket are the ‘International Cricket Council‘ (ICC) and its headquarters is now in Dubai from August 1, 2005. Earlier it was in Lords (England).
  • Australia won the maximum of five World Cups to date.
  • In India Cricket was introduced by British royalty. The Parsi community of India was the first to take part in Cricket in 1848.
  • Later on, the Parsi team visited England in 1886. Matches between European and Parsee teams called Presidency matches were started in Poona (now Pune) and Bombay (now Mumbai).
  • Raja Bhupindra Singh of Patiala donated the Ranji Trophy in 1934 for the national championship of Cricket.
  • The Board of Council for Cricket in India was formed in 1927.

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