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    Folk Paintings of India

    Folk art designs are diverse in India and reflect our rich cultural heritage. The other forms of folk art paintings include Kalamkari, Patna Kalam, Pichwais, Tangka, Madhubani Paintings, Tanjore, Phad Paintings, Warli Paintings, Patachitra, Rajasthani Paintings, Pahari Paintings, Jain Art at Gujarat, Thakga, Monpa, etc. Which are equally fascinating.


    Kalamkari is a folk painting technique of Andhra Pradesh. In this technique, cloth painting is done with a pointed bamboo called Kalam.

    Patna Kalam Art

    Watercolour based works dealing exclusively with themes of a common man; promoted by Akbar and adopted by Britishers in the 19th century.


    It belongs to Rajasthan. Cloth paintings of Lord Krishna and used as a backdrop of his idol at Nathdwara temple, Udaipur.


    Silk painted scrolls executed in vegetables and mineral dyes on canvas and framed by silk brocades, painted by young Tibetan monks.

    Madhubani Paintings

    Major folk painting of Mithila region of Bihar state. Also called Mithila painting by many. Artists narrate mythological and religious events.


    Tanjore in the south has brightly coloured art paints such as Shiva, Parvati, Rama, Krishna, Laxmi, Saraswathi and other gods and goddesses in different forms. While events from the mythologies such as the coronation of Ram is a typical Tanjore style of painting there are other animals and human figurines like man and woman, animals etc. Depicted in these paintings also.

    Phad Painting

    This painting belongs to Rajasthan. Scroll paintings on long rectangular cloth: the art prints of heroes in history such as Goga Chauhan, Prithviraj Chauhan, Amar Singh Rathore, Teja Ji, and others are common. In contemporary times, the stories from their life of Pappu Ji and Narayandev Ji are mainly depicted.

    Warli Paintings

    The Warli paintings of Adivasi warli tribe, Maharashtra, have some common folk art prints of marriage god, Palghat, his horse along with bride and groom. These paintings are special at they depict marriage ceremonies. Another popular theme of this form of folk art is a dance that man and women perform in circles and spirals around a musician.

    Pata Chitra

    The Pata Chitra Paintings have paintings that are inspired by the Bhakti Movement. The various folk art prints depict the story of Radha-Krishna and Jagannath in bold colours. Today, they are also used in the decoration of Ganjifa Playing Cards, Masks and Toys.

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