Cadmium, 1817. Inventor: Friedrich Stromeyer (Germany).

Calculus, 1669. Inventor : Isaac Newton, England

Cannon (iron), c. 1320. Inventor: Germany. Earliest English illustration dated 1326.

Carburettor, 1876. Inventor: Gottlieb Daimler (Germany) (1834- 1900). Carburettor spray; Charles E. Duryea (USA) 1892.

Carpet Sweeper, 1876. Inventor: Melville R. Bissell (USA). Grand Rapids, March. (Patent, September 19).

Car Radio, 1929. Inventors : William Lear & Elmer Wavering (USA).

Cash Register, 1879. Inventor: James Ritty (USA). Built in Dayton, Ohio. Taken over by National Cash Register Co. 1884.

Cellophane, 1900. Inventor: I.E. Brandenberger (Switzerland). Machine production not before 1911.

Celluloid, 1861. Inventor: Alexander Parkes (England) (1813-90). Invented in Birmingham, England; developed and trade marked by I.W. Hyatt (USA) in 1873.

Cement, 1824. Inventor: Joseph Aspdin (England).

Chain Drive, 1491-93. Inventor: Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519). Drawings made in Milan (Italy) were discovered in Spain in 1967.

Chlorine, 1774. Inventor: Karl Sacheele (Sweden).

Chronometer, 1735. Inventor: John Harrison (England) (1693-1776). Received in 1772 Government £ 20,000 prize.

Cinema, 1895. Inventors: Auguste Marie Louis Nicolas Lumiere (1862- 1954) and Louis Jean Lumiere (France) (1864-1948). Development pioneers were Etienne Jules Marey (France) (1830-1903) and Thomas A. Edison (USA) (1847-1931). First public showing, Paris (December 28, 1895).

Classification of Data for Libraries. Inventor: Melvil Dewey (USA) (1851-1913). Introduced his decimal classification in 1876.

Clock (mechanical), 725. Inventors: I-Hsing and Liang Ling-Tsan (China). Earliest escapement 600 years before Europe.

Clock (pendulum), 1657. Inventor: Christian Huygens (Netherlands) (1629- 92).