Machine Gun, 1861. Inventor: Richard Gatling (USA) (1818-1903).
Maps, c. 2500 BC. Inventor: Sumerians (clay tablets). Earliest world map by Eratosthenes c. 220 BC.

Margarine, 1863. Inventor: Hippolyte Mege-Mouries (France). Initially, made of beef suet, warm milk and sheep stomach lining.

Match (Safety), 1855. Inventor: J.E. Lundstrom (Sweden). Amorphous phosphorusdisc, 1845, Anton von Schrotte.

Microphone, 1876. Inventor: Alexander Graham Bell (U.S.) (1847- 1922). Name coined in 1878 by David Hughes.

Microscope, 1590. Inventor: Zacharis Janssen (Netherlands). Compound convex-concave lens.

Microscope (Electron), 1939. Inventor: Vladimir Kosme Sworykin (Russia, later USA) (b. 1889), et al. Demonstrated Camden, New Jersey,

Molecular Hypothesis, 1811. Inventor: Amadeo Avogadro (Italy).

Motorcycle, 1848. Inventor. Edward Buder (England). First exhibited 1885 by Daimler, earliest factory in Munich 1893.

Motor Scooter, 1919. Inventor: Greville Bradshaw (England).

Neon Lamp, 1915. Inventor: Geosges Claude (France) (1871-1960). First installation in US Cosmopolitan Theatre, July 1923.

Night Club, 1843. Inventor: Paris, France. First was Le Bat des Anglais, Paris.

Nineteenth Law(s) of Planetary Motion, 1609. Inventor: Johannes Kepler (Germany).

Nylon, 1937. Inventor: Dr. Wallace H. Carothers (USA) (1896-1937) at Du Pont Labs, Seaford Delaware, USA First stockings made about 1937. Brisde production, February 25, 1938. Yam production, December 1939.