10 Well Known Presidents of India

List of 10 Well Known President of India.

Dr. Rajendra Prasad (1884-1963)

As the first President of India, he remained in the office for 12 years from 26 January 1950 to 12 May 1962. During his tenure as the President he visited many countries on missions of goodwill and sought to establish and nourish new relationships. As a President, he used his moderating impact and set a healthy example for others to follow.

Dr. S. Radhakrishnan (1888-1975)

Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan was the second President of India and presided over the post from 13 May 1962 to 13 May 1967. He was an eminent philosopher and writer and his written works include Indian Philosophy (1923-1927), The Philosophy of the Upanishads (1924), An Idealist View of Life (1932), Eastern religions and Western Thought (1939). In his lectures and books he tried to interpret Indian thought for Westeners.

 Zakir Hussain (1897-1969)

He was elected as the third President of India on May 3, 1967 and left office on May 3, 1969 after his death. He relentlessly worked for the nationality, educational progress and secularism in India. The nation honoured him with Padma Vibushan in 1954 and then Bharat Ratna in 1963.

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V.V.Giri (1894-1980)

Mr. Varahagiri Venkatagiri was elected as the fourth President of India. He assumed office from August 24, 1969 to August 24, 1974. Throughout his life, he was noted for his oratorical skills. He was also a prolific writer who had written books on “Industrial Relations” and “Labour Problems in Indian History”.

N.S. Reddy (1913-1996)

Neelam Sanjeeva Reddy was elected as the sixth President of India. He, as a veteran statesman and administrator , presided over the post from July 25, 1977 to July 25, 1982. He has been known to have actively participated in India’s freedom movement and has held prominent roles in the central government as a staunch congressman.

R. Venkataraman (1910- 2009)

A lawyer and a staunch freedom activist, Ramaswamy Venkataraman served as the eighth President of India. He served his tenure from July 25 to July 1987 to July 1992. He performed all his duties with distinction, unblemished by private interests.

Shankar Dayal Sharma (1918-1999)

He was elected as the ninth President of India, serving from July 25, 1992 to July 25, 1997. Outside his presidentship, he was widely recognized and respected for his passion for the rule of law and his immense contribution the legal profession. During his tenure, he was active in ceremonial matters and was in charge of dismissing and appointing governors.

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K .R. Narayanan (1920-2005)

Kocheril Raman Narayanan was the tenth President of India. He remained in the office  from July 25, 1997 to July 25, 2002.In December 1992, he described the demolition of Babri Masjid as a shame to the nation. During his term in the office he emphasized on improving the conditions of Dalits and Adivasis. He focused on the eradication of social evils such as atrocities against women and children, caste discrimination, abuse of environment and public utilities etc. He encouraged increase in education for betterment of human and economic development.

Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam (1931-2015)

Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam was the eleventh President of India. He was one of the most inspiring President, and he has inspired many young people of India. He was a scientist and politician who his served his country as President from July 2002 to July 2007.

Dr. Pranab Mukherjee (born December 11, 1935, Mirati,Bengal)

He is currently  the Thirteenth President of India. He is a powerful orator and scholar, his intellectual and political powers as well as remarkable knowledge of international relations are widely admired.

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