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Hockey’s Jadoogar – Dhyan Chand

Dhyan Chand popularly known as hockey's jadoogar. Dhyan Chand was born on 29th August, 1905 at Allahabad. His father was in the British Indian...
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Today in History – 11 November


Aurangzeb executes Sikh Guru Tegh Bahadur thus beginning the Sikh-Muslim feud that continues to this day.


English pioneer missionary William Carey, 32, reached Calcutta five months after setting sail for India. Later, Carey founded the Baptist Missionary Society, the first of the British Protestant missions agencies.


Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, freedom fighter, was born in Mecca. He was an outspoken champion of rationalism and progressiveness in all spheres of Indian life.

Acharya Kripalani, nationalist and member of the Parliament, was born at Hyderabad, Sind.


Gandhi sentenced to nine months’ imprisonment in South Africa.


World War I ends


Gandhi urges Hindus to remove the statue of ex-Viceroy Lord Lawrence.


Inauguration of ‘Indian’, first one in Indian Explosive Ltd’s factory at Gomia.


Supreme Court declares the Anti-Defection Law as constitutional but holds that decisions of Presiding Officers under the law could be subjected to judicial review.


Led by Google, 34 companies established the Open Handset Alliance to develop open standards for mobile devices, leading to the development of the Android operating system. (Officially announced on 5th Nov.)