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  • Today in History – 31 December

    1560 Akbar’s Vajir-E-Ajam ‘Bairam Khan’ was assassinated at Patan, Gujarat by an Afghan assassin Mubarak Khan Lohani ( whose father was slain by Bairam Khan) in the battle of Machhiwara. 1950 US President Harry S. Truman announced his decision to develop a super bomb – Hydrogen Bomb – with a massive fund. You may read […]

  • Today in History – 16 December

    today in history 16 december

    16 December 1515 Affonso de Albuquerque, who is regarded as the real founder of Portuguese power in India, died at the age of 73 years. 16 December 1497 Portuguese navigator Vasco da Gama is 1st European to sail along Africa’s East Coast, names it Natal. 16 December 1689 English Parliament passes Bill of Rights establishing […]

  • Today in History – 15 December

    today in history 15-december

    1675 Guru Tegh Bahadur was beheaded in Delhi by Aurangzeb for his refusal to embrace him. 1749 Shahu Chattrapati, the grandson of Shivaji, died. 1803 East India Company captured Orrisa state. 1859 S. Kasturiranga Iyengar, the owner of Hindu newspaper, was born. 1976 Baichung Bhutia, the Indian Football player, was born in Gangtok, Sikkim. 1950 […]

  • Today in History – 7 December

    today in history 7 december

    43 BC Marcus Tullius Cicero, Roman orator and politician was assassinated in Formiae 1782 Hyder Ali, the warrior of Mysore, passed away in a camp near Chittur. 1825 First Steam Engine Ship “Enterprise” reached Calcutta Port. 1856 First Hindu widow married officially. 1909 Inventor Leo Baekeland patents the first thermosetting plastic, Bakelite, sparking the birth […]

  • Today in History – 5 December

    today in history 5 december

    1657 Murad proclaimed himself Emperor of India. 1865 13th Amendment of the United States Constitution is ratified, abolishing slavery 1943 The Indian city of Calcutta (now Kolkata) was attacked in a daylight aerial bombardment for the first time, as Japanese bombers made a brief raid. There had been seven previous bombings of Calcutta, but all […]

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