Today in History – 14 October

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William of Normandy defeats King Harold in the Battle of Hastings.


The English Navy captures Barcelona in Spain.


Britain’s East India Company tea ships’ cargo is burned at Annapolis, Md.


Napoleon Bonaparte crushes the Prussian army at Jena, Germany.


Transparent paper-strip photographic film is patented by George Eastman.


Lala Har Dayal, revolutionary, nationalist and freedom fighter, was born at Delhi.


Further unrest took place in Lhasa, Tibet, following the arrest of Dalai Lama’s agent by the Chinese on the Chinese frontier with India.


The Flag of Freedom’ or ‘Swaraj Toran’ a feature film produced by Prabhat Film Co.Kolhapur was prohibited by the Censor Board on October 14, 1930 on the grounds that it was objectionable in the existing political situation. The film, however, was cleared only after deleting certain portions and the title changed to ‘Udaykal’.


Cliff Richards [Harry Webb], rock vocalist, was born in Lucknow, India.


Chinese Communist Forces begin to infiltrate the North Korean Army.


Colombo Plan conference held at New Delhi pleas for technological aid to Asia .


Dr. Bhimrao Ramji, Ambedkar and about two lakh scheduled caste men and women embraced Buddhism in Nagpur.


Assam Ganparishad established.


Election Commission accepted Shiv Sena as a political party.


Prof. Amartya Sen was awarded the 1998 Nobel Prize for Economics. He became the sixth Indian, by birth or citizenship, to win a Nobel.

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