Today in History – 15 October

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Akbar Abul-Fath Djalaluddin, third Mughal Emperor of India (1556-1605), was born at Amarkot in Sind under the protection of Rana Virsal. Humayun had also taken refuge at Amarkot.


King of England permitted the East India Company to mint the Rupee and Paisa coins at Bombay.


Aurangzeb attacked and conquered Bijapur and this was the end of the Muslim Adilshahi’s era.


Thomas A. Edison founds the Edison Electric Light Co.


Gopal Ganesh Agarkar started daily newspaper ‘Sudharak’.


Mata Hari, a Paris dancer, is executed by the French after being convicted of passing military secrets to the Germans.


Shirdi Ke Saibaba’ better known as ‘Saibaba’ passed away at Shirdi near Nashik, Maharashtra. He was around 70. Born in a Brahmin family at Patri village in Hyderabad, he was the saint of all caste and creed people.


First Indian commercial airliner service ‘Tata Sons Ltd’ started. (Tata Airlines)


Muslim League decides to participate in the Interim Government.


Process of the integration of the Indian State was completed when the last three states – Tripura, Manipur and Banaras were merged.


Huey P. Newton and Bobby Seale establish the Black Panther Party, an African-American revolutionary socialist political group, in the US.


The Congress party denies bid by Indira Gandhi to regain leadership.


Times Eye Research Foundation was established in Amritsar, India.


Sachin Tendulkar becomes the highest run-getter in one-day internationals (9379 runs) during his innings of 69 in the final of the ICC cricket tournament against New Zealand.


China launches its first manned space mission, Shenzhou I.

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