Battle of Leipzig, largest battle in Europe prior to WWI, Napoleon’s forces defeated by Prussia, Austria, and Russia.


Great Britain and Germany sign the Anglo-German Treaty, agreeing to maintain the territorial integrity of China and support ‘open door’ policy called for by US Secretary of State.


Cyclone in the Bay of Bengal kills some 40,000 people in the south of Calcutta, India.


Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) established. Now, FAO headquarters has moved to RomeItaly, from Washington, DC, the United States. The first session of FAO Conference, Quebec CityCanada, establishes FAO as a specialized United Nations agency.


Hargovind Khorana, Indian scientist, was awarded 1968 Nobel Prize for Medicine and Physiology on man-made synthetic gene.


Dr. Nelson Mandela, conferred with ‘Bharat Ratna’, the highest civilian honour.