Today in History – 19 October

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King John of England dies at Newark and is succeeded by his nine-year-old son Henry.


Sambhaji’s queen Yesubai and her child surrendered the Raigarh Fort to the Mughals.


Members of the Council and the Judge of Supreme Court of England came to improve the management in India.


Napoleon Bonaparte begins his retreat from Moscow.


The first section from Hathras Road to Mathura Cantonment was opened to traffic.


Sulochana Modi, first lady Mayor of Mumbai Mahanagar Palika, was born.


The People’s Republic of China is formally proclaimed.


The North Korean capital of Pyongyang is captured by U.N. troops.


Dr. C. V. Raman elucidated his new theory on wave motion in respect to vision and dim light.


First Indian-made MIG-21 handed over to the Air Force. Privy purses and privileges of former Indian rulers abolished.


Prof. Subramanyam Chandrasekhar shares the 1983 Nobel Prize for Physics with fellow American Prof. William Fowler.


Union Government takes over the management of 13 textile undertakings in Bombay; marathon strike in cotton textile industry ends.


British government bans TV and radio interviews with members of Irish political group Sinn Fein and 11 paramilitary groups.


Mother Teresa is beatified by Pope John Paul II for her work among “the poorest of the poor” in India.

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