Today in History – 2 September

Today in History-2-Septembe


Akbar won the war near Ahmedabad and captured Gujrat.


The Great Fire of London, which devastates the city, begins.


The Treasury Department, headed by Alexander Hamilton, is created in New York City.


Verdun, France, surrenders to the Prussian Army.


Napoleon III capitulates to the Prussians at Sedan, France.


Vinayak Mishra, famous Oriya litterateur, critic and historian, was born.


Troops of the U.S. First Army enter Belgium.


Jawaharlal Nehru, was sworn in as the Prime Minister of the Interim Government of Undivided india, against Partition.


Pratham Chaudhary (Birbal), modern Bengali poet and critic, passed away.


Gandhiji is mobbed in Calcutta house; gives up idea of Noakhali visit. Peace efforts intensified.


Parliament abolishes the privileges of 279 maharajahs in New Delhi.


President V. V. Giri inaugurated, Vivekanand Rock Memorial’ at Kanyakumari.


Thousands of Sikhs rally at Golden Temple to protest govt. occupation in Amritsar.


The US and Russia agree to a joint venture to build a space station.


Nishant, the pilotless training aircraft developed by DRDO, is successfully flown from Chandipore.

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