Today in History – 20 October

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480 BC

Greeks defeat the Persians in a naval battle at Salamis.


The grateful Wazir induced the emperor to make Badan Singh the ‘Raja’ with the title of Mahendra, and Suraj Mal the ‘Mumar Bahadur’ with the title of Rajendra.


New Regulating Act was introduced which abolished the East India Company Government and a new Government was formed.


Chaitanyabala Divatia, great author, was born in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.


Baseball’s first ‘colored World Series’ is held in Kansas City, Mo.


German troops reach the approaches to Moscow.


First battle between India and Pakistan.


Indian mountaineers reach the peak of Nanda Ghunti for the first time in the Kumaon Hills.


Navjot Singh Bhagwantsingh Sidhu, cricketer (Indian opening batsman), was born in Patiala.


Punjabrao Agriculture University established.


Andhra Pradesh Government announces a five-day week for all offices and educational institutions from November 01, 1990.


Nirad C. Chauduri, 94, the Indian writer living in Oxford, made honorary Commander of the British Empire.


Quiet start to the 13th Lok Sabha.


The Cabinet approves the Insurance Regulatory Authority (IRA) Bill for introduction in the current session of Lok Sabha if time permits.

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