Today in History – 21 October


Alauddin Khalji conquered the throne of Delhi. In July declared himself as the Sultan.


Guru Ramdas, Sikh Guru, established Amritsar city.


Ramshastri Prabhune, justice of Peshwa kingdom, died.


The Tricolor was chosen as the official flag of France.


Dr. Sri Krishna Sinha, great politician, revolutionist leader and chief minister, was born at Khanwa.


Gandhiji went to England till Nov 30 on deputation to present Indians’ case to Colonial Secretary.


The first U.S. troops enter the front lines at Sommerviller under French command.


Loknayak Jayprakash Narayan and his friends established the ‘Congress Socialist Party’ and Acharya Narendra Dev was its President and JP was its Gen. Secretary.


As war heats up with Germany, the British war cabinet holds its first meeting in the underground war room in London.


Azad Hind Government was established in Singapore and Netaji Subhashchandra Bose was elected as its national leader.


The office of Controller of Military Accounts (Pensions), Lahore was bifurcated and the pension work relating to Indian nationals was transferred to Allahabad.


China invades Tibet.


Government of India and France sign an agreement for the de-facto transfer of the French settlement of Pondicherry, Karaikal, Mahe to the Indian Union. The merger took place on November 1.


Chinese and Indian troops clash on Ladakh border.


Bob Dylan records his first album in a single day at a cost of $400.


Doordarshan starts afternoon news bulletins at 2 p.m. (Hindi) and 3 p.m. (English) of 7.5 minutes duration on week days and 5 minutes on Sundays.


Japan gets non-permanent seat in Security Council after a contest with India.


Himachal Pradesh Assembly goes global with inauguration of its website on the Internet.


B. R. Chopra, filmmaker, gets the Dadasaheb Phalke Award.


Seema Antil becomes the first Indian ever to win a global title by bagging a gold medal in disc throw in the World Junior Athletic championship in Santiago.

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