Today in History- 30 May

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Hundred Years’ War: in Rouen, France, 19-year-old Joan of Arc was burned at the stake by an English-dominated tribunal.


Spanish explorer Hernando de Soto discovered Florida


The first daily newspaper was published in the U.S. by Benjamin Towner called “The Pennsylvania Evening Post”


The first Hindi newspaper ‘Udant Martand’ was published from Calcutta under the Editorship of Pandit Shridhar Shukla.


Maulana Mohammad Kasim Nanantavi established the famous Islamic educational centre ‘Dar- Ul -Ulum’ in Devkampa, Uttar Pradesh.


Rabindranath Tagore returned the honour as a protest against the Jallianwala Bagh massacre.


S.C.Mathur was appointed as the Narcotics Commissioner of India. He headed this office till 01-07-1955.


Express Train fell into Beki river in Assam killing 44 persons


Goa became the 25th state of India.


Notification issued for the constitution of Jharkhand Autonomous District Council


India rejected U.N. offer of sending a special envoy to defuse Indo-Pak tensions.

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