Today in History – 12 July

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today in history 12 july


Savtamali, famous saint, attained ‘samadhee’.


Bahlul Khan Lodi, an Afghan and founder of Lodi dynasty, died in Delhi.


Husain Quli, the Governor of Bengal, defeated the rebels and put them to fight. Daud was captured and put to death.


Chhatrapati Shivaji signed a friendship treaty with East India Company.


First Indian Steam Engine Ship “Diana-a-Gunboat”sailed in a sea near Calcutta. It was built by Kyd & Company.


President Abraham Lincoln signed into law, a measure calling for awarding a U.S. Army Medal of Honor, in the name of Congress, “to such non-commissioned officers and privates that most distinguish themselves by their gallantry in action, and other soldier-like qualities during the present insurrection.”


The 16,000-foot Shyok ice dam in the Himalayas bursted while flooding in the Indus Valley at Kashmir.


Dutch KLM Constellation crasheed near Bombay.


Sahajada Karim became Aga Khan.


On this day in 1957, Dwight D. Eisenhower became the first president to ride in the newest advance in aviation technology: the helicopter.


Bhagalpur University was established in Bihar.


Ranchi University was established.


Major flood in Alaknanda river resulted in sweeping of buses and claimed 6000 lives.


Congress (I) gets absolute majority in Rajya Sabha.


Walter Mondale, the leading Democratic presidential candidate, announceed that he has chosen Representative Geraldine Ferraro of New York as his running mate.


India expeled Pak diplomat; Indian attache tortured in Islamabad.


On this day in 1995, a heat advisory was issued in Chicago, Illinois, warning of an impending record-breaking heat wave. By the time the heat broke a week later, nearly 1,000 people were dead in Illinois and Wisconsin.


Lok Sabha adopted resolution extending President’s Rule in J & K for 6 months.


India will not reverse the nuclear programme, declared Mr. Vajpayee.

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