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Unknown Facts About Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs was biologically half Syrian Muslim. He was adopted and his biological father’s name is Abdulfattah
Jandali. His biological mother was Joanne Carole Schieble, an American. Her father, however, objected to the marriage so Steve was put up for adoption.  Here are some unknown facts about Steve Jobs.

Unknown Facts About Steve Jobs

  • His parents were two graduate students who were perhaps not ready for a child and put him up for adoption. The one requirement his biological parents had was that he be adopted by two college educated people. His adoptive parents were Clara and Paul Jobs.
  • His biological parents went on to have another child, Mona Simpson, whom he later met and connected with.
  • Jobs were a pescetarian which meant he ate fish but no other meat.
  • At the tender age of 12, Jobs asked William Hewlett, co-founder of Hewlett-Packard for some parts to complete a school project. Hewlett offered Jobs an internship at his company.
  • Jobs met Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak in high school when Jobs was 13 and Wozniak was 18.
  • His Full Name is Steven Paul Jobs.
  • When he returned to Apple in the mid 90s, Steve Jobs donated Apple’s first computers, machines, blueprints to Stanford University.
  • His Religion is Zen Buddhism. He went to India to meditate and learn about a simpler way of life.
  • He was very private about his marriage. His wife was Laurene Powell Jobs and they got married in Yosemite national park on March 18, 1991.
  • His wife is an MBA graduate of Stanford and was appointed by President Obama to be a member of the White House Council for Community Solutions due to her active involvement in the non-profit community.
  • Despite his wife’s work in the non-profit sector, Jobs was not known for his charitable works.
  • Apple had three founders, not two. The company was founded in 1976 by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne.
  • The first Apple logo was drawn by Ronald Wayne who also wrote the original partnership agreement and the Apple I computer manual. Unfortunately, he sold his 10% stake two weeks into the partnership for just $800.
  • Steve Wozniak ended his full-time employment in 1987. However, he is still an official Apple employee and receives a stipend estimated to be worth $120,000 a year.
  • Jobs believed Google had stolen some of the features of the iPhone and decided to keep the development of the iPad a secret from Schmidt.
  • Do you know facts about Steve Jobs that Apple I was the company’s first computer and was priced at $666.66.

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