World’s 10 Greatest – Ocean or Seas, Deserts, and Mountains

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The world’s 10 greatest Oceans and Seas

Pacific Ocean                     16,62,40,000 sq kms

Atlantic Ocean                   8,65,60,000 sq kms

Indian Ocean                     7,34,30,000 sq kms

Arctic Ocean                       1,32,30,000 sq kms

South China Sea               29,74,000 sq kms

Caribbean Sea                   27,23,000 sq kms

Mediterranean Sea         25,03,000 sq kms

Bearing Sea                        22,68,000 sq kms

Gulf of Mexico                  15,43,000 sq kms

Sea of Okhotsk                 15,27,000 sq kms

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The world’s 10 greatest Deserts

Sahara Desert                    84,00,000 sq kms

Australian Desert             15,50,000 sq kms

Arabian Desert                  13,00,000 sq kms

Gobi Desert                        10,40,000 sq kms

Kalahari Desert                 5,20,000 sq kms

TaklaMakan Desert         3,20,000 sq kms

Sonoran Desert                                3,10,000sqkms

Namib Dessert                  3,10,000 sq kms

Kara Kum Dessert            2,70,000 sq kms

Thar Dessert                      2,60,000 sq kms

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The world’s 10 Highest mountain peak

Mount Everest                  8,848 meters

K2                                           8,611 meters

Kanchenjunga                   8,597 meters

Lhotse                                  8,511 meters

Makalu                                 8,481 meters

Dhaulagiri                            8,172 meters

Manaslu                               8,156 meters

Cho Oyu                               8,183 meters

Nanga Parbat                     8,126 meters

Annapurna                         8,078 meters

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All these peaks are located in Himalayan Mountain Range.


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