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Dhyan Chand popularly known as hockey's jadoogar. Dhyan Chand was born on 29th August, 1905 at Allahabad. His father was in the British Indian...
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20 Fascinating Facts About Bamboo

1. It is found in a host of colors like green, yellow, red, blue and black. You might see some with stripe sin pink, black and even yellow.

2. The leaves are as varied as the stem. They can be found in whites, yellows, blues, and creams. The leaf size can range from ¼” to 60 cm in length.

3. It has been around for 30 million years and still going strong.

4. In Chinese culture, bamboo is held in very high regards and it is symbolic of many things.

5. It is a symbol of durability, strength, resilience, and flexibility. It is a proud plant that stands tall and is green all year round.

6. Feng Shui practitioners suggest keeping bamboo plants in front of the house to ensure long lives of the dwellers.

7. It is a boon for the environment as it absorbs carbon dioxide and releases oxygen 30 times more than its own mass.

8. It is often used for absorbing greenhouse gasses and production of fresh oxygen.

9. It is the fastest growing plant on this planet. It is the only plant left in the race of matching human consumption and deforestation.

10. One of the most amazing qualities of bamboo is its ability renew growth. Even after a harvest, new shoots will grow out in no time.

11. Bamboo plantations require no pesticides or fertilizers as it can grow on its own. The leaves droppings are enough to provide it with the necessary nutrients.

12. Bamboo is very successful in controlling soil erosion. Even after the shoots are cut the amazing root system ensures that the soil remains intact.

13. It can be grown in all kinds of climates and soils. Even where other crops might have failed, it will manage to grow.

14. Bamboo is used widely for building materials due to its high tensile strength. You will be shocked to know that the tensile strength of steel is 24,000 psi and of bamboo is 28,000 psi. It can be used as a great replacement for wood in flooring, furniture and utensils too.

15. You will never see an infection on bamboo.It has a natural bio-agent called bamboo Kun that prevents bacteria and other pathogens from growing on it.

16. The charcoal of bamboo is very porous and capable of absorbing odor-causing bacteria. It is often used for filtering harmful agents from water.

 17. In the market today, you will find bamboo bed sheets, bamboo linens, shirts, deodorants, and even socks.

18. Clothes made out of Bamboo keep the skin cool and dry. These fibers never cling to the body and are great for people with skin allergies. It works as a natural thermostat to control the temperature of the

19. Bamboo shoots have been part of the staple diet in many countries in Asia for decades. They are low in fat and calories and easy to digest.

20. Bamboo shoots are rich in fiber and potassium. A single serving of bamboo shoots contains 10% intake of the daily recommended intake. Crunchy bamboo shoots are a delicacy in soups, salads and as a complement to the main dish.


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