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  • Ecosystem


    An ecosystem consists of the biological community that occurs in some locale, and the physical and chemical factors that make up its non-living or abiotic environment. There are many examples of ecosystems — a pond, a forest, an estuary, a grassland. The boundaries are not fixed in any objective way, although sometimes they seem obvious, […]

  • Coral reefs


    There exist a variety of ecosystem on the planet Earth and Coral reefs are one of them. The coral reef is an integral part of the marine environment as one-third of all marine fish species lives on coral reefs. They are held compactly underwater due to the secretion of calcium carbonate by corals. Polyps in a […]

  • Ecology


    Ecology is the study of environmental systems, or as it is sometimes called, the economy of nature. “Environment” usually means relating to the natural, versus human-made world; the “systems” means that ecology is, by its very nature, not interested in just the components of nature individually but especially in how the parts interact. Must Read: Stanford […]

  • Climate Change, Technology and Energy Sustainability

    climate change technology energy

    Greenhouse gas emissions, which includes carbon dioxide too, are accepted physical exhibitions of enhancing anthropogenic and development activities around the globe. These ’emissions’ are potential global warming threats as well. According to ‘The Economist’ (April 19, 2014) coal, much needed for the energy industry, continues to be the fuel of the future. Energy supply has […]

  • Key Points for a Successful Job Interview

    Key Points for a Successful Job Interview

    These are few key points for your successful job interview. Be on Timedo not be late, if you will contact the interviewer immediately:– Being on time for your successful job interview helps you relax and put you in a better firm of mind.  Be nice to whoever is your first contact when you arrived. SMILE:– This is the […]