India’s Longest Railway Routes

Vivek Express

Vivek Express, while running from Dibrugarh to Kanyakumari, covers 4286 km that is the longest railway route in the country. The scheduled running- time of this train is 82 hours and 30 minutes and there are 56 stops on its route. It was introduced in the Rail Budget of 2011-12 to commemorate the 150th birth anniversary of Swami Vivekanand.

Himsagar Express

It is a weekly express train covering a total distance of 3715 km, from Jammu Tawi to Kanyakumari. The train has 71 stops and has a continuous running of 69 hours 40 minutes. This train covers the second longest railway route of the country.

Navyug Express

The Navyug Express or the “New Era Express” is a weekly train running between Jammu Tawi and Mangalore. The distance between these two points is 3609 km that is the third longest railway route in the country. It takes 68 hours to cover the distance. There are a total of 61 stops which fall on this route.

Dibrugarh Express

It is a weekly running train from Yeswanthpur (Bangalore) to Dibrugarh to reach its destination. It is the fourth longest railway route in the country.  A distance of 3578 km is covered by this train in 68 hours with 70 stations being the stops on the way.

Jammu Express

It is a Bi-weekly express train, running from Tirunelveli to Jammu, covers the distance of 3561 km that is fifth longest railway route in the country.  The train has 70 stoppages.

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Guwahati Express

It is another train which covers one of the longest railway route in the country. The distance covered by this train is 3552 km, which it does in period of 70 hours and rests at 70 stops on this route.

Sup Express

Covering nearly 3459 km in a total of 70 hours, it travels from Dehradun to Kochuveli. The train stops on 70 stations on this route.

Raptisagar express

It is a superfast express train which runs tri-weekly between Ernakulam to Barauni. The distance of 3441 km is covered by this train in a total time of 62 hours, by stopping on 61 stations.

Kerala Sampark Kranti Express

It is a bi-weekly train which runs between Chandigarh and Kochuveli railway station .It covers a total distance of 3415 km in 70 hours and making 70 stops en route.

Guwahati Ernakulam Express

This train runs on one of the longest railway route in the country, measuring 3337 km. The train stops on 43 stations in a journey that lasts 59 hours and 45 minutes.

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