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National Biopharma  Mission

National Biopharma Mission was recently launched by the government to give a  boost to the biopharmaceutical sector of the country.It is under the aegis of Ministry of Science and Technology.

Under the  National  Biopharma  Mission government launched a programme called Innovate in India (i3) that will also witness an investment from World Bank.


Key Features of The Bill


1.The National Biopharma  Mission aims to make India a hub for design and development of novel, affordable and effective biopharmaceutical products and solutions by developing a network between industry and academia, industry and markets and by accelerating the translation of research work into viable end products.

  1. It aspires to create an enabling ecosystem to promote entrepreneurship and indigenous manufacturing in the sector.

3.Through affordable and quality product development in the pharmaceutical sector,the mission aims to transform India health standards.

  1. The i3 program will specifically focus on the development of new vaccines, biotherapeutics, diagnostics and medical devices to address the rising burden of diseases in the country.

5.i3 programme will also bring isolated and fragmented centres of excellence together ,enhance regional capabilities, and strengthen the current  bio-cluster networks in terms of  capacity ,quality and quantity of output.

  1. This mission will develop technological platform for product validation,

7.The mission will connect  institutions to strengthen their collective  clinical trial networks, promote partial de-risking  for novel products, and build capacities in emerging areas such as translational bioinformatics, bioethics etc

8.The mission will bring experts from both national and international domain to provide guidance, path, the approach for promising solutions in product development chain.

9.The mission will thereby provide a holistic approach to research and development in the biopharmaceutical sector to create new products in a continuous manner that will help in addressing the need and issues of public healthcare in India.

10.It aims to increase India’s share in global biopharmaceutical market from 2.8% to 5%.


National Biopharma mission and its embedded i3 programme is the need of the hour for India pharmaceutical sectors seeing India’s poor healthcare system and heavy dependence on China for pharmaceutical and its related API’s.(active pharmaceutical ingredients).Moreover, it will give a fillip to Make in India initiative along with technological advancement to India.  It can become a  great platform which will offer buoyancy as well as universal support to biotechnological innovation, and transform India into a global hub for cutting-edge biotechnology research and development.