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  • Annihilation of India Social Evils

    social evil

    Dr. B.R. Ambedkar had famously said, “A people and their religion must be judged by social standards based on social evils. No other standard would have any meaning if religion is held to be necessary good for the well-being of the people”. What is a Social Evils or Issue Social Evils, if defined broadly, include […]

  • Fundamental Duties Incorporated in Constitution of India

    Fundamental Duties of Indian Citizen

    After coming to terms with the comprehension that the rights and duties of the citizens are interwoven and correlative, our parliamentarians finally inserted the fundamental duties through the enactment of 42nd Constitutional Amendment Act in 1976. This amendment incorporated a new part – Part IV A to the Constitution that comprises of only one Article, […]

  • National Medical Commission (NMC) – All You Need To Know

    national medical commission nmc

    The government of India has decided to shut down Medical Council of India and bring the new National Medical Commission in its place to correct the whole medical ecosystem. Recently cabinet has approved the new bill to replace MCI with NMC. After approval of the parliament and President’s signature, the bill will bring NMC into existence […]

  • Directive Principles of State Policy (DPS): Universalization of Education, Child Labour and Status of Women

    Directive Principles of Stat

    In the whole scheme of the Constitution of India the Directive Principles of State Policy are in the form of guidelines to the governments at the center as well as states. Though these principles are non-judiciable, they are essential in the governance of India. Taken as an idea from the Irish Republic, the Directive Principles of State Policy […]

  • The President’s Power to Pass Ordinance


    On Monday, ending confusion among aspirants and their guardians as well, the President Parnab Mukherjee signed the ordinance that was given green signal by the Parliament on May 20. The ordinance in question was brought to ‘partially’ overrun a Supreme Court ruling that said all Government colleges, deemed universities and private medical colleges would be […]

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