Sagar Vani

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Sagar Vani is an information dissemination system for communicating with coastal community especially fishermen, with advisories and warnings related to the safety at sea about various kinds of weather forecasting, tidal information, storm, etc.It is under the Ministry of Science and Technology.

It is developed by Indian National Centre for Ocean Information Services(INCOIS)

Key Features

Sagar-Vani1. Sagar Vani can send information in various language through radio, television, voice calling, text service, social media, mobile apps and e-mail aims at timely dissemination of ocean information and advisory services that include Potential Fishing Zone (PFZ) advisories, Ocean State Forecast (OSF), High Wave Alerts and Tsunami early warnings.

2.The system also offers information to various other stakeholders like Fishery departments, National and State Disaster Management Authority so that they diffuse this information to local coastal communities.

3.Sagar Vani is a software platform where several modes of information diffusion can be combined together to work concurrently.


Due to increasing weather related accidents occurring in seas to the fishing communities, its a novel step for giving early warning to coastal people and to the people who venture in seas for employment so that they can take prerequisite step timely for their safety and security so that their loss of any kind can easily minimize.


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