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Tele Law Initiative

TELE LAW INITIATIVE is an initiative of Ministry of Law and Justice to provide legal services and aids to poor and marginalised communities and citizens in rural areas.It’s an initiative of Ministry of Law and Justice in collaboration with Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology.

Key Features

  1. Under the TELE LAW INITIATIVE, a portal called ‘Tele-Law’, which will be available across the Common Service Centre (CSC) network will be started. This portal will connect the citizens to legal service providers with the help of technology-enabled platforms.

2.People will be able to get legal services through video conferencing from their nearest CSC.

  1. Law school clinics, District Legal Service Authorities, voluntary service providers and Non-Government Organisations working on legal aid and empowerment can also be connected through the CSCs anywhere and anytime, in order to strengthen access to justice for the marginalized communities.

4.A robust monitoring and evaluation system will be designed to assess the quality of legal services provided by CSC and monitoring benefits of those who are assessing them.

5.A Para Legal Volunteer, who will serve as the first of contact for the marginalised communities in CSC, will be established in every CSC. They will help them in understanding the legal issue and advice by legal advisors and CSC  under Tele-Law initiative.

  1. This initiative will also serve as an opportunity to build a capacity of 1000 women Para Legal Volunteers (PLV).This is expected to promote women entrepreneurship, empowerment and their effective participation.
  2. Few selected PLVs will also be provided with relevant training to fulfill their responsibilities effectively.
  3. The National Legal Service Authority (NALSA) will provide a panel of lawyers who will be sitting in the State capitals and will be available through video conferencing to provide legal advice/counseling to the applicant at the CSCs.


Analysis of Tele Law Initiative

Tele Law  Initiative is a big step to bridge the Judicial divide in the country especially in the rural areas where people do not get proper judicial reach due to financial reasons. Tele-Law initiative will ensure access to justice and empowerment of the poor and marginalised. The Common Services Centers and Para Legal Volunteers will offer easy legal advice to litigants in rural India making them digitally and financially inclusive.

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