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Hockey’s Jadoogar – Dhyan Chand

Dhyan Chand popularly known as hockey's jadoogar. Dhyan Chand was born on 29th August, 1905 at Allahabad. His father was in the British Indian...
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Ancient Kingdoms of the Deccan and Gujarat


The Andhras (230 B.C.-225 A.D.) :

Andhras are said to be the earliest rulers of the ancient kingdoms of Deccan. They were at one time vassals of an Emperor Ashoka but regained their independence after his death. The last ruler of Kanva dynasty of Magadha was killed by them in 28 B.C. The dynasty of Andhras ended in about 225 A.D. Gautamiputra Sri Satakarni was the greatest monarch cf Andhras who lived about 120 A.D. He drove the Saka rulers out of Ancient Kingdoms of Gujarat and ruled over the entire Deccan Peninsula including Gujarat.

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The Chalukyas of Badami (550-642 A.D.)

Sixth Century A.D. saw the rise of Chalukya dynasty. Pulakesin I who ruled about 550 A.D. was the first independent ruler. Badami or Vatapi in the Bijapur district was his capital. Pulakesin II (608-42 A.D.), the grandson of Pulkesin I subdued the whole of the old Andhra kingdom.
He defeated Harsha when he tried to invade the Deccan. Pulkesin li was defeated and killed by Pallavas in 642. A.D.

Pallavas (642-674 A.D.):

The Pallava king Narasimha varman conquered the kingdom of Pulkesin II in 642 A.D. In 674 A.D. the Chalukya king Vikramaditya captured Kanchi, the Pallava capital.

Rashtrakuta Dynasty (757-973 A.D.) :

The Rashtrakutas were descendants of the nobles who governed under Andhras. In 757 A.D. they overthrew the Chalukyas and ruled up to 973 A.D. Krishna I was a Rashtrakuta king who built the famous Kailash Temple at Ellora.

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The Restored Chalukyas of Kalyanl (973-1190 A.D.) :

From about 973 to about 1190, the Deccan was governed by a restored branch of Chalukyas, whose capital was at Kalyanl, Vikramaditya (1076=-1126 A.D.) was the most important king of the dynasty.

The Hoysala dynasty (1111 =1327 A.D.):

The Hoysalas were a Mysore family, whose capital was at Dorasamudra. Bet Liga who was the first ruler of the dynasty was a devotee of Jain religion. His successor Vishnuvardhan who having come under the influence of celebrated philosopher Ramanuja became a worshipper of Vishnu.

Yadava Dynasty (1191-1318 A.D.):

TheYadavas ruled from Devagiri. They were great rivals of Hoysalas. Both the dynasties were overthrown by the Mohammedan invaders from the north in the 13th century.

Chola dynasty (907-1053 A.D.):

After the fall of the Pallavas, the Chola became the leading dynasty in southern India. Rajaraja the Great who ascended the throne in 985 A.D. was the most prominent ruler. In 1052 A.D. the Chalukyas defeated the Choias in a fierce bat: e at Koppam on the banks of Krishna river.

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