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  • Art and Literature of Middle Ages

    Art and Literature of Middle Ages

    Art during the Middle Ages was different based on the location in Europe as well as the period of time. However, in general, Middle Age art can be divided up into three main periods and styles: Byzantine Art, Romanesque Art, and Gothic Art. Much of the art in Europe during the Middle Ages was religious art with […]

  • Literature of Ancient India: Sanskrit Drama

    Literature of Ancient India

    The origin of Sanskrit drama is in obscurity; there appears a wide gap between its early beginnings in the Rig Veda’s hymns and the actual plays (second to fourth century AD). However, in the Mahabhashya of Patanjali (second century BC) the earliest reference to drama can be found. Mahabhashya speaks of representations of the Kansabadha […]

  • The Bhakti Movement of the Medieval Age

    Bhakti Movement

    The Bhakti Movement, one of the most remarkable features of the medieval age, remained influential for many centuries. This movement has in fact inscribed deep impact on modern Hinduism. Different Opinions on the Source of the Bhakti Movement Different opinions have been expressed about the sources of this movement. Some well known European scholar historians […]

  • Saivism: Origin, Principles and Kinds

    Saivism: Origin, Principles and Kinds

    The origin of Saivism may be traced to, as the scholar-historian M.N. Das says, much earlier times that of Vaisnavism, however, both cults have been mentioned by Megasthenes in the fourth century BC. Some historians are firm in their opinion that Saivism in some form of other was common among the non-Aryans. As a separate […]

  • Sikhism – An Introduction to Sikh Religion


    Sikhism had its origin in the teachings of Guru Nanak (1460-1539) who preached a message of truth and peace and advocated a simple monotheistic faith. Guru Nanak, before his death, nominated one of his disciples as Guru so that he could continue to spread his teachings. The term Sikhism has its origin in the Punjabi word […]

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