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Civil Services of India

Civil Services is the backbone of the administrative machinery of India. It is referred as permanent bureaucracy.


A member of the civil service in the discharge of his/her functions is to be guided by maintaining absolute integrity, allegiance to the constitution and the law of the nation, patriotism, national pride, devotion to duty, honesty, impartiality, and transparency.


The Government of India promotes values and a certain standard of ethics of requiring and facilitating every civil servant:
1. To discharge official duty with responsibility, honesty, accountability and without discrimination.
2. To ensure effective management, leadership development, and personal growth.
3. To avoid misuse of official position or information.
4. To serve as instruments of good governance and foster social economic development.


The Civil Services of India can be classified into two types – the All India Services and the Central Civil Services (Group A and B). The recruits are university graduates (or above) selected through a rigorous system of examinations, called the Civil Services Examination (CSE) conducted by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC).

All India Civil Services (AIS)

All appointments to All India Civil Services are made by the President of India.
  •  Indian Administrative Service
  • Indian Forest Service
  • Indian Police Service

Central Civil Services (CCS)

 The Central Civil Services are concerned with the administration of the Union Government.
Group A
All appointments to Civil Services, Group A are made by the President of India.
 1. Indian Foreign Service, Group A
2. Central Secretariat Service, Group A (Selection Grade and Grade I officers only)
3. Indian Revenue Service, Group A
4.Indian Economic Service, Group A
5.Indian Audits and Accounts Service, Group A
6.Indian Postal Service, Group AIndian Defense Accounts Service, Group A
7. Indian Defense Accounts Service, Group A
8. Indian Defence Estates Service, Group A
9. Indian Statistical Service, Group A
10. Indian Telecommunication Service, Group A
11. Indian Posts and Telegraphs Accounts and Finance Service, Group A
12. Indian Cost Accounts Service, Group A
13. Indian Civil Accounts Service, Group A
14. Indian Meteorological Service, Group A
15. Indian Ordnance Factories Service, Group A
16. Indian Salt Service, Group A
17. Indian Frontier Administrative Service, Group A
18. Indian Information Service, Group A
19. Indian Supply Service, Group A
20. Indian Engineering Service, Group A
21. Indian Railway Traffic Service, Group A
22. Indian Railway Personnel Service, Group A
23. Indian Railway Accounts Service, Group A
24. Central Engineering (Electrical and Mechanical) Service, Group A
25. Central Water Engineering Service, Group A
26. Central Power Engineering Service, Group A
27. Central Engineering Service (Roads), Group A
28. Central Health Service, Group A
29. Central Revenues Chemical Service, Group A
30. Indian Trade Service, Group A
31. Central Legal Service (Grades I, II, III, and IV only)
32. Indian Archaeological Service, Group A
33. Geological Survey of India, Group A
34. Zoological Survey of India, Group A
35. Botanical Survey of India, Group A
36. General Central Service, Group A
37. Mercantile Marine Training Ship Service, Group A
38. Directorate General of Mines Safety, Group A
39. Overseas Communications Service, Group A
40. Survey of India, Group A
41. Railway Inspectorate Service, Group A
42. Telegraph Traffic Service, Group A
43. Company Law Board Service, Group A
44. Labour Officers of the Central Pool, Group A
45.Armed Forces Headquarters Civil Services,
Group B
All appointments to Group B are made by the authorities specified by a general or special order of the President.
1. Indian Foreign Service, Group ‘B’ – (General Cadre, Grade I and General Cadre, Grade II only)
2. Central Secretariat Service, Group ‘B’ (Section and Assistants’ Grade officers only)
3. Indian Posts and Telegraphs Accounts and Finance Service, Group ‘B’ Telecommunication Wing.
4. Indian Posts & Telegraphs Accounts & Finance Service, Postal Wing, Group ‘B’
5. Indian Salt Service, Group ‘B’
6. India Meteorological Service, Group ‘B’
7. Central Secretariat Official Language Service, Group ‘B’
8. Central Secretariat Stenographers’ Service, (Grade I, Grade II and Selection Grade officers only)
9. Central Health Service, Group ‘B’
10. Income Tax Service, Group ‘B’
11. Botanical Survey of India, Group ‘B’.
12. Geological Survey of India, Group ‘B’.
13. Geological Survey of India, Group ‘B’.
14. Survey of India, Group ‘B’.
15. Zoological Survey of India, Group ‘B’.
16. Central Electrical Engineering Service, Group ‘B’.
17. Central Engineering Service, Group ‘B’.
18. Central Power Engineering Service, Group ‘B’
19. Postal Superintendents’ Service, Group ‘B’
20. Postmasters’ Service, Group ‘B’
21. Telecommunication Engineering Service, Group ‘B’
22. Telegraphs Traffic Service, Group ‘B
23. Central Excise Service, Group ‘B’
24. Customs Appraisers Service, Group ‘B’- (Principal Appraisers and Head Appraisers)
25. Customs Preventive Service, Group ‘B’ – (Chief Inspectors)
26. Defence Secretariat Service
27. Union Territories Administrative Service
28. Union Territories Police Service

State Civil Services (SCS/PCS)

The State Civil Services (also known as Provincial Civil Services) examinations and recruitments are conducted by the individual states of India. The state civil services deal with subjects such as land revenue, agriculture, forests, education etc. The officers of the state civil services are recruited by different States through the State Public Service Commissions. The categories of services to which candidates are selected through the state civil services (SCS) examination are as under:
 1. State Civil Services, Class-I (SCS)
2. State Police Service, Class-I (SPS).
3. State Forest Service, Class-I (SFS).
4. Block Development Officer.
5. Tehsildar/Talukdar/Assistant Collector.
6. Excise and Taxation Officer.
7. District Employment Officer.
8. District Treasury Officer.
9. District Welfare Officer.
10. Assistant Registrar Cooperative Societies.
11. District Food and Supplies Controller/Officer.
12. Any other Class-I/Class-II service notified as per rules by the concerned State.

Employment by Agency

 Federal Government executive branch civilian employment:
1. Ministry of Defence
2. Ministry of Finance
3. Ministry of External Affairs
4. Ministry of Home Affairs
5. Ministry of Agriculture
6. Ministry of Tribal Affairs
7. Ministry of Panchayati Raj
8. Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises
9. Ministry of Science and Technology
10. Ministry of Earth Sciences
11. Ministry of Health and Family Welfare
12. Ministry of Power
13. Ministry of Corporate Affairs
14. Ministry of New and Renewable Energy
15. Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas
16. Ministry of Urban Development
17. Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs
18. Ministry of Civil Aviation
19. Ministry of Communications and Information Technology
20. Ministry of Urban Development
21. Ministry of Human Resource Development
22. Ministry of Information and Broadcasting
23. Ministry of Law and Justice
24. Ministry of Minority Affairs
25. Ministry of Labour and Employment
26. Ministry of Road Transport and Highways
27. Ministry of Commerce and Industry
28. Ministry of Textiles
29. Ministry of Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises
30. Ministry of Culture
31. Ministry of Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviation
32. Ministry of Tourism
33. Ministry of Steel
34. Ministry of Shipping
35. Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs
36. Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment
37. Ministry of Railways
38. Ministry of Rural Development
39. Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers
40. Ministry of Coal
41. Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation
42. Ministry of Mines
43. Ministry of Women and Child Development
44. Ministry of Environment and Forests
45. Ministry of Development of North Eastern Region
46. Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports
47. Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution
48. Ministry of Food Processing Industries
49. Ministry of Civil Aviation
50. Ministry of Culture
51. Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation
52. Ministry of Minority Affairs
53. Ministry of Water Resources
54. Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas
55. Independent agencies

Main article: List of Indian agencies

  1. Reserve Bank of India
  2. Securities and Exchange Board of India
  3. Department of Space
  4. Department of Atomic Energy
  5. Planning Commission
  6. Directorate General of Economic Enforcement
  7. Directorate General of Income Tax Investigation
  8. Directorate of Income Tax Intelligence and Criminal Investigation
  9. Directorate General of Anti-Evasion
  10. Directorate of Revenue Intelligence
  11. National Advisory Council
  12. Central Bureau of Investigation
  13. Intelligence Bureau
  14. Central Vigilance Commission
  15. National Security Guards

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